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Humiliation Junkie New Small Penis Humiliation Audio

Humiliation Junkie is my newest recording. It is so awesome! If you like small penis humiliation, then this audio will roast you this thanksgiving. I love making humiliation audios that slice and dice your little cock. It will melt your little degraded heart! People have been asking me when I would make a new sph audio so I  decided to record one on the merits of humiliation addiction. Not only do I point out the obvious about your cock, I point out the fact that you love getting off on humiliation. It sums up my blistering opinion on your worthless manhood. You wont be able to keep your hands off your little wee wee, especially once you come to terms that you are the very definition of humiliation junkie.

humiliation junkie new humiliation audio by size vixen

You really can’t resist clicking that button. You are compelled to hear me say the words. Buy Humiliation Junkie Now!!

I also offer custom cock ratings via niteflirt, if you want a more personalized small penis humiliation assessment. You can purchase one now, or you can sit around and let the curiosity eat away at you, wondering… What would Size Vixen think of my little pecker.

More awesome humiliation audios in my collection.


chastity Femdom

Long term chastity vs. short term chastity

Celebrating Locktober ranked high on my interest list this month. This month marks a year of chastity for my caged sissy slave. Impressed to say the least. One of the many things I have learned about Locktober  is that chastity is something kinky and fun and cannot be measured in the length of time one is actually trapped in their chastity cage. For some it is a huge commitment– and the seemingly endless sentence is what really turns then on emotionally. For others, even being locked in a chastity cage for 24 hours is enough to scratch the itch. To make him burst at the seams physically and emotionally. Long term chastity vs. short term chastity… Who am I to judge? I am just here for the laughs and of course, your ultimate pleasure.

Long term chastity vs. short term chastity:

Long term chastity means not playing with your cock at all and having no access to do so. This does not mean the chastity slave can’t cum, they just can’t cum in a traditional way.

Short term chastity means that you know you will get out. The chastity slave who chooses this method knows an approximate end for their misery. This method usually does not include an orgasm until release.

Long term chastity requires discipline and determination. And often includes the guidance of a partner, a spouse, or a mistress.

Short term chastity does not require much discipline and can be done alone or as part of a larger more elaborate role playing scenario.

If you would like to discuss your thoughts on Long term chastity vs. short term chastity, give me a call on niteflirt– or chat me as well.

So Halloween is right around the corner and your foxy neighborhood Size Vixen has not forgotten. However, the garden went untended this season, so there will be no pumpkinfucker patch as you all are accustomed to each year. Worry not little minions, we the little Halloween Party where you will find some special guests, The Witches Three, and snacks like Trick or Treats and Candy Corn is still on!

Small Penis Humiliation

Summer Humiliation Games

Summer humiliation games will make coping with the reality of your sexual plight more tolerable. Also, they can and add some levity to your pussy free existence. I’ve got the humiliation you crave.  You need to book a flight with Humiliation Vacation . Now you can taste the bounty of international travel without leaving your couch. You could call it the staycation of a lifetime! This summer humiliation game will keep your little dick leaking.

You have been craving a little excitement and culture in your life. Year after lonely year you spend your few weeks off from work on your annual stay cation where you eat lots of cheetos, play video games till 3am, watch marathons of pornos and of course masturbate like a jerk off junkie. This year you want something different. You want to do something adventurous. So you walk down the block and enter the local travel agency office. A young blonde is sitting at the desk and offers you a seat. She shows you several different attractive tour packages in various destinations around the world. As you browse through the brochures, your mind wanders and you begin thinking about all the different women you will meet. At least in other countries you don’t run the risk of trying to hook up with a woman that already knows your shameful secret…


Another one of my summer humiliation games is Life’s a Beach, the titillating choose your humiliation tale at a sexy Malibu beach.

Humiliation Vacation

Life’s a Beach

Phone Sex Humiliation Mistress Misty


New Sissy Faggot Humiliation Audio!

So I made a new sissy faggot humiliation audio recently, and you are going to love it if you are into sissy humiliation. Born 2 Be a Sissy Faggot is pure sissy faggot humiliation GOLD.  A smooth vibes motivational audio for sissy faggot training. For the hard core cock whore.  It’s been awhile since I released any new sissy content. You will know as soon as you hear it that the wait was worth it. You’ll be a brainwashed bimbo sissy in no time.

Other new audio files includes a Cocksucking Mantra. This audio is a quick little cock sucking mantra to remind you of what you really are, regardless if you are a sissy or not! Download it for a quick reminder Cuntmouth!

Both of these classy new audios are available on my niteflirt page. Buy them now!

Sissy Faggot Humiliation Audio: Born 2 Be a Sissy Faggot Buy Now

cocksucking mantaCock Sucking Training Audio: Cocksucking Mantra Buy Now

Interested in a custom sissy humiliation audio or a different kind of humiliation audio? I am currently taking requests for your customs now. Send me a niteflirt message or chat to inquire.

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Small Penises in Chastity

Back in November I posted a blog on all the small penises in chastity I owned. At the time there were quite a few men still high on Locktober who were riding the coattails of the greats. Quite a few minions were very eager to show off their skills, and most of them failed within a few weeks. Small penises in chastity do not last very long apparently. Suffice to say that all but one of them managed to outlast well into 2023. This individual chastity slave enjoys being under my lock and key and routinely begs for more time locked up. He understands that small penises in chastity deserve to be there. Caged and cramped, with nothing left to do but leak miserably into a pair of panties.

He’s been locked in chastity since around November! At the time I posted the previous blog on chastity, the longest I had recorded was 40 days! Now we are nearing the 6 month mark with no concrete end. Each time we talk to each other, we discover that not only does he enjoy the idea of keeping his tiny penis caged up forever, he loves the fact that it may be shrinking little by little. I wonder if his tiny sissy dick will end up slipping right out of the cage! As it were, I am the only one with knowledge of his combination. Not exactly like wearing the key around my neck, but thriling! I love having small penises in chastity for loooooong periods of time. It’s not like a little dick is good for anything anyways!

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