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Humiliation Junkie New Small Penis Humiliation Audio

Humiliation Junkie is my newest recording. It is so awesome! If you like small penis humiliation, then this audio will roast you this thanksgiving. I love making humiliation audios that slice and dice your little cock. It will melt your little degraded heart! People have been asking me when I would make a new sph audio so I  decided to record one on the merits of humiliation addiction. Not only do I point out the obvious about your cock, I point out the fact that you love getting off on humiliation. It sums up my blistering opinion on your worthless manhood. You wont be able to keep your hands off your little wee wee, especially once you come to terms that you are the very definition of humiliation junkie.

humiliation junkie new humiliation audio by size vixen

You really can’t resist clicking that button. You are compelled to hear me say the words. Buy Humiliation Junkie Now!!

I also offer custom cock ratings via niteflirt, if you want a more personalized small penis humiliation assessment. You can purchase one now, or you can sit around and let the curiosity eat away at you, wondering… What would Size Vixen think of my little pecker.

More awesome humiliation audios in my collection.


Small Penis Humiliation

Summer Humiliation Games

Summer humiliation games will make coping with the reality of your sexual plight more tolerable. Also, they can and add some levity to your pussy free existence. I’ve got the humiliation you crave.  You need to book a flight with Humiliation Vacation . Now you can taste the bounty of international travel without leaving your couch. You could call it the staycation of a lifetime! This summer humiliation game will keep your little dick leaking.

You have been craving a little excitement and culture in your life. Year after lonely year you spend your few weeks off from work on your annual stay cation where you eat lots of cheetos, play video games till 3am, watch marathons of pornos and of course masturbate like a jerk off junkie. This year you want something different. You want to do something adventurous. So you walk down the block and enter the local travel agency office. A young blonde is sitting at the desk and offers you a seat. She shows you several different attractive tour packages in various destinations around the world. As you browse through the brochures, your mind wanders and you begin thinking about all the different women you will meet. At least in other countries you don’t run the risk of trying to hook up with a woman that already knows your shameful secret…


Another one of my summer humiliation games is Life’s a Beach, the titillating choose your humiliation tale at a sexy Malibu beach.

Humiliation Vacation

Life’s a Beach

Phone Sex Humiliation Mistress Misty

Small Penis Humiliation SPH Memes

Ho Ho Ho Holiday Memes n SPH Xmas Fun!

Who doesn’t like a little holiday meme and sph xmas fun? Seems like a good time for a holiday meme for sure. Time flies by so fast it’s hard to believe that it’s time for another update! I have been slacking on my sph meme collecting lately so please enjoy this singular but very effective holiday meme.  I guess I blew my whole load in my last few meme dumps.

sph holiday meme

As for sph xmas fun, no slacking there. Make sure to stop by my niteflirt page to check out my new holiday goodies which include your favorites like my Snow Angel sph game and Size Vixen Meets Santa mp3, a grab bag of cum eating assignments from days of yore… Plus a new holiday humiliation greeting card pack. Volume Two features 5 more hot women captioned with humiliating holiday greetings. When you’re finished crying tears of joy from your pathetic little dick, you can buy Volume One! Like I said, all of my holiday content is available on my niteflirt page.
sph xmas funThe holiday shopping is finally finished. So who are you spoiling this year? ME! You can skip all the pleasantries and just send me a holiday tribute via niteflirt. That’s the best kind of sph Xmas fun you can have if you ask me.

Small Penis Humiliation

New Halloween Humiliation Goody

Corny new Halloween humiliation goody on sale for a limited time! It’s that time of year again folks. Time for me to put out the Halloween humiliation bowl of candy. In recent years I have not been available to create any new treats for you, but this year I decided to spice things up.

I have a new Halloween humiliation goody available now for a limited time on niteflirt. A twist on my classic sph assignment candy corn countdown… A mini fun sized audio assignment called “Candy Corn” and you may remember this one from the Candy Corn Countdown. I still include the original assignment but added the mini audio as a very special treat.

New Halloween Humiliation Goody

Along with my new Halloween Humiliation Goody Candy Corn, you can get all of my Halloween Goodies now through November 1, 2022. You’ll find old and new favorites such as Trick or Treat, Halloween Party, and erotic stories Pumpkindick and Witches Three. So get them now before they disappear until next year! While I am at it, why not a shameless plug for my niteflirt page? Happy Halloween! ?

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Small Penis Humiliation

Custom Cock Rating

New SPH Goodies are Released! Custom Cock Rating as well as a cock size ranking list from largest to smallest available on niteflirt. I’ve been meaning to do this update for a couple of days now to talk about my newest goodies on niteflirt. They both have a  common theme, and that is cock size ratings. The first one is a list that I made with various notches indicating penis size and my ranking of each notch. Simple yet extremely detailed. If you are familiar with my sarcastic and harsh yet kinda cute humiliation, then you will love this one.

If you are more interested in my voice and audio recordings then you would probably like this next one even more. Finally after over a decade as a humiliation vixen, I am officially offering you all custom cock ratings. CUSTOM COCK RATINGS!! The rating would be a 1 min audio clip based on your dick. I include details about the audio after you purchase it through niteflirt. What could be better than Size Vixen giving you a custom cock rating? Nothing!

custom cock ratingCustom Rating

cock ratingsRankings

Besides the custom cock rating, you can also try my other humiliation content: audios assignments, games and other random treats for your enjoyment!