Small Penis Humiliation

What We Say: Expressions for Little Dicks

Since the beginning of time, words for small penises developed as a means for women to communicate their feelings about cock size. Exchanged by mouth and mind, these intricate locutions of endearment spread through every corner of the globe and transcended language and time so that women may express their opinions on such a taboo topic.

In a previous blog post, I confessed to you that yes, girls talk about penis size. This means when women get together, we love to gab about cocks. Even if this is not a widely popular belief, the truth is it happens. And the truth hurts, doesn’t it? LOL!! Not for a humiliation junkie like you!! Today I will reveal a little more about the secrets of what we say and what we mean when we use our super secret terms for small penises (and big ones too!).

Some girls seem shy about speaking freely on the topic of cock size, but there exist plenty of girls who have no shame and will ask their friends straight out: “So what’s he packing?” When this happens, it doesn’t matter what the reply is, the answer is always written all over her face. It’s easy to boast if the guy they’re seeing is well hung. It’s all smiles. We consider it quite an achievement to find a man that’s up to standard. That said, if she’s encountered a guy with a small dick, she could say it all without saying a word. What a real disappointment it is to fall for a guy and then learn later down the line that he has a tiny package. If not for the humor, it would be heartbreaking.

It isn’t always appropriate (SADLY!!) to make fun of a guy to his face. So as a result, women have developed a language to convey their thoughts on penis size, and penises in general. Here are just a few examples of  the different words for small penises I am talking about without giving away too much of our top secret rating system.

What We say vs. What we mean

If we like a guy and don’t want to hurt his feelings, we’ll use certain words to describe his penis. Here’s a list of things we might say, and what we really mean.
Pretty Big = Average, but I’ve had bigger
Nice = Small, a lot of work for a little pleasure
Cute = It looks like it should be attached to a little boy
‘Giggles’ = You should just put your pants back on

Words for small penises

pencil dick, pinky pecker, baby dick, wimp stick, pin dick, loser dick, little dickie, mini dick, cocklette, clit, pathetic schlong, mini meat, loser bump, loser lump, dicklette, small fry, ickle dick, sissy stick, sissy clit, slim jim, teenie weenie, ickle dick

Terminology you may be lucky enough to experience for yourself

You have the smallest dick I’ve ever seen.
It’s sad that your so small.
What is that? A cocktail weenie.
I can’t wait to tell all my friends about you little dick
Is that as big as it gets?
I seen bigger dicks in diapers
Don’t worry I wont tell anyone about you little secret, I’ll tell everyone!
Ahhh, It’s so cute!
Is that a chap stick in your pocket, or do you just have a really small dick?
Want to show me the little guy? I’d love to see how you measure up..
Sorry, but I only fuck guys with big dicks.
I’ve smoked fatter joints than your skinny dick!
Get that teeny dick out of here!
Wow, and your feet are so big.
Is this a mild or a spicy Slim Jim?
Let me go get my tweezers.
This explains your car.
But it still works right?
I hear excessive masturbation shrinks your dick.
Your big gun is more like a BB gun.
Look, it fits my Barbie clothes!
Why don’t we skip right to the cigarettes?

Growing the List

Ladies, feel free to add any of your own terms for small penises in my comments.

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Small Penis Humiliation

Are you big enough to please her with your small penis?

Is your little guy big enough to please a woman?

are you big enough to please her with your small penis?If you are below five inches the answer is simple: No. Chances are HIGH that you will NEVER be able to please a girl with your tiny penis. It doesn’t matter if she’s a virgin with a super tight puss, or a slut with a vajajay as loose as a goose, you would still be way too small to give her any pleasure from intercourse alone. This is because the average length of the vagina is approximately 4″. Therefore, if you’re shorter than 4″, then your tiny penis wont even fill her up. You will never reach the places females crave to be touched. Even if you possess mad skills, it would be more of a chore than a good time.

Now, if your penis is five inches or larger, (and the girl is a virgin with a super tight pussy lol), with a little work you may be able to get the job done. But let’s face it: for most of you old wrinkly guys, the days of you scoring a tight virgin’s pussy are long gone!! So, since you are still sitting there with your dick in your hand asking yourself  “Is my average sized penis going to be big enough for her?”, this post should give you some clarity.


Average is the new small?

Wait, Size Vixen! I heard an average penis is only 5 inches! I’ve heard that as well. And yes, that is very small for my standards. Whether or not your penis is big enough to please her all depends on: 1. What was the largest cock that was ever in her, and 2. How long was it in there? The vagina will stretch to accommodate any size penis, and after the penis is removed from the vagina it will shrink back to it’s original size. For a time. But the vagina does have it’s limits. And it all depends on How Big and How Long.

Let’s take an example from our friends at Quora. One user who previously had a cuckold relationship with a woman said this about his wife after she had a long fuck session with her bull:

She felt so loose (but wonderful to me). Think like warm chunky soup, there was something there but zero resistance. However, the next day or a couple days later it would be 100% back to normal giving credit to the theory that it is an elastic that will eventually come back… It is elastic certainly, and will go back to “normal” state if you have the odd large toy or encounter (with a large penis), but repeatedly stretching the elastic over months or even years will make her vagina have a new “normal” state. Her vagina eventually adjusts to accommodate and derive pleasure from the larger penis.

So, I’m not talking minutes, here, two pump chump.  I’m talking hours. If you dated a girl for a month and you fucked her 3 times a week, for ten minuets a session, you would have had your cock in her for about 2 full hours. After about an hour of intercourse with a penis, the vagina will begin to accommodate. Meaning that any time a smaller sized penis is inserted into the vagina there will be a lot less friction and therefore a lot less pleasure for both the female and the male.

So What is Small?

Just like every thing, size is a matter of relativity, but there are some guide lines. I mean sometimes its obvious what is big and what is small.

Less then five inches, SMALL. Seven or more, BIG.

A size queen may not agree with these modest numbers, but I’m speaking on be half of the typical female. So, average fits in between the grey Five push under seven area. That works on paper guys, but not in a women’s vagina. If you want to know what is small, the vagina will tell you.

In a future blog article, I will detail ways that you can try to improve your game, even if you are not big enough to please her with your small penis.

Stay tuned for my next blog post, “What We Say“– a followup to Yes, Girls Talk About Penis Size.

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Small Penis Humiliation

Yes, Girls Talk About Penis Size!!

girls talk about penis size

I know every man with a dick probably wonders: “Do girls talk about penis size?”  If you guessed yes, then you’re right! Girls do talk about penis size. My girlfriends discuss penis size all the time. Brutally honest discussions that would leave you shuddering with shame should you ever find yourself a fly on the wall of a slumber party.

Anytime someone finds a new mate, or simply goes on a blind date, one of the first questions out of our mouths when we see her next usually revolves around the guy’s penis size. When girls get together, they feel empowered to talk freely about penis size without fear of hurting anyone’s little feewings. It can feel good after a bad date with a short hung man, even therapeutic to get that off our chest. Venting about the sizes of the penises that we have had the pleasure– or the misfortune of encountering makes dealing with small dicks a bit more tolerable.

So keep in mind that any time you show a girl your penis, you can be sure that all of her friends (and probably even future lovers) will have a pretty good idea of what you have in your pants.

This means that if you’re big, then you are a legend, but if you’re less than average (or small!), well, then you will forever be a joke in the eyes of the girl who rejected you.

Girls Talk About Penis Size

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Small Penis Humiliation

What is a Size Queen?

What exactly is a size queen? If you do not know, then a simple google search will tell you much about what a size queen is. According to Urban Dictionary, a size queen, simply put, is a person who prefers larger penises. There is some debate, some butt hurt if you will, if gay men created the term size queen. These few think the term applies to gay men only.  To me, it doesn’t matter if a male or a female coined the term. What matters is that there are other people just like me, who can consider themselves a size queen. 🙂

Being a size queen means that I am very selective about the kinds of dicks I like to fuck. Personally, I prefer a penis that is at least eight inches or longer, and thick as possible. Anything smaller than that and my interest (and attraction) goes way down. Liking big dicks is nothing to be ashamed of. Men have similar preferences when it comes to women so there you go. Large cocks are beautiful and the bigger the better.

Many of my callers wonder how big was the biggest I have ever had.  The short answer is 9.5 inches in length and 6.5 inches in girth. The rest of the details will have to be included in a later post.  Can you beat that, sissy? I bet you do not have one that big, nor have you even come close to sucking or fucking one that big! It makes me laugh when I think of you sitting there, tugging your tiny little inch worm thinking about big cocks. While extremely large penises are not the norm, neither are very tiny ones. For men with small penises, the comparison of their tiny penis with a big penis means a lot. Even though you are small by my standards, you still feel the need to show me your little cock…This only proves to me more how useless little dicks can be.

The only thing little losers like you are good for is serving a size queen like me. There is nothing more delightful to me than having my toes sucked by a submissive male with a hard little penis, or my cream pie devoured by a bitch who isn’t worthy of anything more than the remains of a blissful night of marathon sex with a real man!

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Small Penis Humiliation

Small Penis Humiliation

SPH Fetish

Do certain men really get off on small penis humiliation? Yes they do! Men who are afflicted with tiny cocks call me to speak with me about their small penis humiliation fetish. I myself got into SPH when I was in college. Before then, I had never seen a small dick. Then one day, when I was hanging out with my friends, we met a guy who was all too willing to show off his little member. When he pulled that tiny dick out of his pants, it was a small, shriveled up, uncut little penis! It was so very small. Truly the smallest dick I had ever seen until that point. It was such a tiny penis that I doubt he could ever satisfy a girl. Of course, he was a virgin (and he probably still is!).

Yep, you guessed it. We were all laughing at his tiny penis. Only the more we laughed, the harder it got. By the time it was at full mast we were breathless. Even totally erect, his penis was tiny. Small penis humiliation really seemed to turn this little man on. After we all roared with laughter, we each took turns measuring it with my tape measure. Most women would turn a guy with a small dick down instantly. I am no different. I like them big! However, I LOVE small penis humiliation!!!

Since then, I have discovered that there are tons of other so-called men who also get off on SPH. In fact, some men with tiny dicks find no other comfort than a woman’s humiliating laughter and ridicule when it comes to dick size. Penis size humiliation is the only way that a short dick man can get any female attention. As a result, they are satisfied by their inadequacy.

Won’t SPH Hurt My Feelings?

For many men, sexual identity is defined by the size of the penis. Having a small one, or being subject to the ridicule and shame of small penis humiliation, can damage a man to the point of erectile dysfunction or other sexual dysfunctions. Over time, all the abuse can have adverse effects on a man’s libido and can take a toll on a man to the point where natural, penis in vagina sex just does not feel right anymore. Penis size humiliation then is no longer a causal fetish and a fun and exciting fantasy, but a critical problem!

For others, small penis humiliation can really hit a raw nerve. A man can’t truly appreciate the fine art of SPH if he does not like being laughed at for his small to average sized penis. I guess you can say it takes a very special sort of man to get the most out of SPH. And a very special woman to administer it.

What do you think about small penis humiliation? Do you think it’s for the bedroom only or do you think more women should openly express their feelings on how size really matters? Do you think that SPH can empower women?

Small Penis Humiliation Erotica

Tales of SPH is my ongoing humiliation erotica series featuring a massive collection of small penis humiliation erotica stories. Besides Tales of SPH, I’ve written several other stories that touch upon sph and all the different ways of exploring the fetish.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

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