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Choose Your Humiliation

Have you ever read those choose your adventure books, where you get the chance to unravel the story your way? Well what do you think about choose your humiliation stories? These super exciting interactive stories are one of my best selling types of content.

Choose your own humiliation stories involve a little bit of fun and loads of sexy humiliation. In most cases, small penis humiliation. SPH choose your own adventures lead to explosive endings, one way or another.

I make two kinds of chose your humiliation stories. The first type is your classic format, with long passages of my tantalizing erotic fiction with lots of branches for hours of humiliation enjoyment.

The second type of chose your humiliation stories I make is graphic style.  These ones contain images and primarily dialogue based text.

These stories require you to have a niteflirt account to experience because that is the only way I sell them at this time. Maybe in the future I will develop a click through ebook for them, but right now this works very well for me and anyone else who is a fan!

Saturday Night is a classic format story featuring a small dick wanker and his adventures one porn filled Saturday night. Heaven or Hell, on the other hand,  is a graphic story with sexy pictures to help guide you along on your journey.

I keep the graphic stories on my games page, and the classic choose your humiliation stories on my erotic stories page. Both types are popular with my minions. Which one will you prefer?

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Snow Angel: A Holiday Choose Your Humiliation Treat  Play Now .99 to begin.
humiliation stories

Oooh, an incestuous femdom erotic story…

A brand new incestuous femdom erotic story! Hello hello my little Minions! It has been awhile since I’ve had time to post, but this post brings you a new humiliation erotica book that I wrote. It’s called The Greenburgs.

Do you like stories of incest and intrigue? Yes, you  love my taboo humiliation stories. This incestuous femdom erotic story is about a totally taboo family, the Greenburgs, and chronicles their sexcapades.

The Greenburgs are a naughty family who find themselves in various precarious scenarios of a sexual nature. Mother & son scenes, father & daughter action. There is even a little surprise tucked into someone’s naughty panties! You will find a ton of incest, humiliation, plus an addictive story line in my incestuous erotic story.

For example… Mother and son have a long standing history, as do father and daughter. Mother and daughter also have their own situation, which usually involves toying with a sexy stud with a huge dick. Father and femdom Mom have a quintessential cuckold relationship since daddy dearest is packing a little prick and mother craves men of all shapes and very large sizes.

Cum and meet the Greenburgs this holiday season and add a little mirth to your comfort and joy.

You can only buy this story from certain book sellers, but my fave is smashwords.  Visit my humiliation erotica page for more of my books!

incestuous femdom erotic story the greenburgs
The Greenburgs and their dirty deeds. This family knows no bounds as they engage in taboo family time where every family game night can transform into naked twister time. Mother on son, Daddy and daughter. Sibling rivalry galore. When you visit the Greenburgs, you never know what to expect, but if one of the lovely ladies of the house is around, expect to get lucky.
humiliation stories

Femdom Story Chastity Dark Rising

femdom story Chastity Dark Rising

Chastity Dark Rising by Herb Highmen and Morgana Foxx is a twisted femdom story filled with high adrenaline excitement meant to pump up your little hero.

Have you ever fantasized about your favorite characters coming to life and stepping over the edge of decency? That is what you will get with this thrilling femdom story.  Unlike most of my romance and debauchery stories, this one is pure pulp fiction. Combined with elements of humiliation and graphic sex, the story will conjure up images that don’t even need pictures.

Chastity, prides herself on her vigilance. Don’t get me wrong here. Despite her name, this alluring vixen is anything but innocent. In this little novel, she faces off against the most deplorable members of society and puts them in their rightful places. She becomes a vigilante seeking justice for the numerous crimes around their dark, dank city.

This extremely adorable femdom story involves cock and ball torture, cuckolding, girls kicking fucking ass, tinges of incestuous thoughts, and of course chastity! If you are interested in reading Chastity, then you can buy the story at amazon and all other ebook retailers. For more of our awesome stories, head to the erotica page. Loads of femdom stories await you there, including the Tales of SPH series!

humiliation stories

SPH Erotica Story – Caged: Key to Her Heart

sph erotica story caged
Most of you know I love writing sph erotica. My most recent tale of sph is Caged: Key to Her Heart, a cuckold story with sph, cbt, and orgasm denial. This one is fairly longer than my other tales of sph, so it is a standalone story. I know you won’t regret buying it and savoring each line, hanging on my every word, hypnotized.

Caged is based off my 5 part humiliation audio series, Orgasm Denial Diet. Both are excellent expressions of my favorite fetishes, small penis humiliation and cuckolding. I expanded on the story and went more in-depth with the scenes. Reyna and David learn a lot about themselves and one another in my sph erotica book.

If you have ever listened to the audio series, then you will love this sph erotica story. I enjoyed writing it so much! Almost as much as I loved working on the original material, which is a collaboration with one of my minions.

Caged is an awesome story! A big tale of sph! You can purchase it on niteflirt, amazon kindle, and the iBook store. You can also buy it on smashwords, where you can find all my other books and stories.

Cuckolded, Caged, Humiliated. David’s little penis landed him in a chastity cage and drove his fiancee into the arms of another man. A very well hung man. Not only does she deny his orgasms now, but she spanks his balls while she mercilessly humiliates him and makes him do clean up duty.

Other Humiliation Erotica Stories

humiliation stories

SPH Stories: More Fun With Pumpkins

Happy Halloween!

One of the best SPH stories in the spooky short story collection “Horrifying Tales of SPH”, PUMPKINDICK, fits in perfectly with this year’s Halloween theme here at the minion lair. Pumpkindick is about a grotesque pumpkin monster with a sizable stem! This pumpkin monster, summoned by a beautiful woman in order to satisfy her craving for cock, . You’ve seen my minions fuck a pumpkin, but have you ever imagined this in reverse? Let me paint the picture for you in your perverted little mind. sph stories pumpkindickBesides the story about a pumpkin monster, there’s two more sph stories in “Horrifying Tales of SPH”.  One story is about a gargantuan werewolf who transforms into a ravaging beast. The other is a story about a coven of vixen-like witches who put a spell on a little dick loser. This book is the perfect blend of small penis humiliation, cuckolding, and Halloween.

Although the book hardly mentions Halloween, this cute collection of small penis humiliation stories belongs on the bookshelf of any true horror junkie or humiliation junkie.

Sadly there is no humiliating story about a teeny tiny ghost penis in this book. Maybe next year!!

Do you guys ever read humiliation erotica? SPH stories inspire me beyond measure! Sometimes it even seems as if the stories are inspired by me!!

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