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Small Penises in Chastity

Back in November I posted a blog on all the small penises in chastity I owned. At the time there were quite a few men still high on Locktober who were riding the coattails of the greats. Quite a few minions were very eager to show off their skills, and most of them failed within a few weeks. Small penises in chastity do not last very long apparently. Suffice to say that all but one of them managed to outlast well into 2023. This individual chastity slave enjoys being under my lock and key and routinely begs for more time locked up. He understands that small penises in chastity deserve to be there. Caged and cramped, with nothing left to do but leak miserably into a pair of panties.

He’s been locked in chastity since around November! At the time I posted the previous blog on chastity, the longest I had recorded was 40 days! Now we are nearing the 6 month mark with no concrete end. Each time we talk to each other, we discover that not only does he enjoy the idea of keeping his tiny penis caged up forever, he loves the fact that it may be shrinking little by little. I wonder if his tiny sissy dick will end up slipping right out of the cage! As it were, I am the only one with knowledge of his combination. Not exactly like wearing the key around my neck, but thriling! I love having small penises in chastity for loooooong periods of time. It’s not like a little dick is good for anything anyways!

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