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In other words, hands off loser, no part of this website may be copied, transferred, re-created, or resold. That means, all photos, stories, and page designs remain copyrighted and the sole property of  the Vixen Coven exclusively. The media contained herein do not belong in the public domain, so do not repost my stories in other places. Do not feel free to violate this by posting my content in any publication digitally or in print without prior authorization.

If you would like to use my content or for more details on authorization for the use of any content, then please contact the Vixen’s Minions site admin by submitting a request on this page.

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Once you submit content to the site, any submissions become sole property of Vixen’s Minions and The Vixen’s Lair. This includes any images submitted and any written content provided. The data that you submit to Vixen’s Minions remains in our database until the end of days.

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