Small Penis Humiliation

Small Penis Dating Sites: A Ray of Hope?

Small penis dating sites are a thing! Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse for a guy with a small dick, along comes some cheeky guy with a small dick who creates a dating site that revolves around hooking up a guy with a small dick with a willing lady who proclaims to love small penises. The idea is so reeeDICKulous, yet at the same time, I gotta hand it to the guy who had the tiny balls to pull it off. The news left me astonished.

Small Penis Dating Sites Offer Hope

Everyone knows that I am quick to humiliate less endowed men purely for the joy it brings me, but I can’t seem to find the heart to make fun of such a sweet endeavor. Although, I find it hard to believe that many women would actively seek a site that must be teeming with desperate, small dicked guys looking for pity sex or small penis humiliation. Small penis dating sites could be the answer to the lonely quandary.

Of course you can always cut to the chase and call for some small penis humiliation phone sex. If it’s a girl friend experience you seek, look no further. Just remember though, no pity sex for you!

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2 replies on “Small Penis Dating Sites: A Ray of Hope?”

Hi Keith,
Indeed there is. Dinky Ones is the first one that comes up in a google search and there are legitimate men and women looking to meet.
xoxo, Size VIxen

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