Small Penis Humiliation

Small Penis Experiences- We’ve All Had Them!

Most man and women have small penis experiences. My smallest encounter happened in college. Before that time, I was pretty inexperienced with sex and penises. Small ones anyway. I had plenty of experiences with normal and big ones.

My friend Mike, a real pervert, always knew the sizes of his friends’ penises. He loved to share the knowledge with me. He introduced me to his friend Tim, a Chinese man with a very tiny penis. When I say tiny, I mean this thing didn’t even look like a penis, even when fully hard. It was so short and so incredibly tiny. His little penis was hidden in the midst of a big black hairy bush. Yuck! Up until that day I never had to think about hooking up with a guy like that. Since then, no small penis gets by my inspections.

In my blog post What We Say, I point out that there are many gals who just wont say anything in the interest of being polite, even if they have a small penis experience or two or three. Those types of women tend to find themselves in situations with small penises on a regular basis. Since they are too afraid to say “HELL NO LOSER!” or “SORRY, SMALL PENIS!!”?

If you have a small penis and you like being humiliated, you are not alone. Some guys feel shame about their tiny cocks, while others embrace it and own it for all it’s worthlessness. You can thank Tim and his tiny cock for making me the size queen I am today.

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One reply on “Small Penis Experiences- We’ve All Had Them!”

The first time I saw baby dicky’s tiny cock

It was the smallest penis I had ever seen. I fought back my amazment, hoping he didn’t notice. I didn’t know what to do; I was frozen in place shocked at something so small when the rest of him was so chuncky

I sat there speechless looking at his tiny penis. Maybe it wasn’t hard yet? But I didn’t think that was possible because he had previously been kissing me and fondling my breasts under my shirt before pulling it off me and removing my bra. He had to be hard after sucking my nipples and licking every inch of my breasts. I guess this was all he had. I’ve heard of guys with tiny dicks but I never thought it was true.

I was face to face with one now and still not moving. I was so eager to get his shorts of and see what he had. I was looking forward to sucking a healthy cock, to feel the throbbing vein lined shaft and large bulbous head in my mouth. Wet with anticipation, wondering if I would be able to swallow most of him, but now seeing it, I could swallow him without a second thought.

In my head I was freaking out, You’re dick is tiny. What the hell?” I knew I couldn’t just sit there and stare so I moved my hand forward and cupped his small testicles, which matched his small penis. It was so strange his little boner sticking straight up only two inches if that and I swear smaller in diameter than my ring finger! I put my thumb and index finger on the small shaft. It felt like a little play thing instead of a man’s cock. Stroking it up and down almost made me laugh again but it was covered up with his moan. I couldn’t believe I was using a thumb and finger to stroke him off when I’m normally using two hands or at least all my fingers and thumb.

I wondered if he even knew how small he was compared to average men. I kept up the ruse, acting like nothing was wrong and never let on how small I thought he was. I went so far as to drop my head and take him into my mouth with ease. I completely let go with my hand, gripping his narrow shaft between my lips and sucking up and down the entire length like sucking my little finger off . It was pathetic but what else could I do? He really liked my sucking and swallowing his dick, actually putting his hands on my head and helping me move a whole two inches.

Since it was so easy and never started to make my mouth sore I had him on the verge of climax very rapidly. Unfortunately he stopped me before he ejaculated. I guess he wanted to have sex. I was wondering if it was even possible with something so small, and especially wondering if I would actually feel anything.

When he laid down on me after removing the rest of my clothes I knew I was going to have to fake everything. Not only an orgasm but any kind of pleasure for that matter. I was used to five to eight inch cocks, and wide ones. Cocks that filled me up and took my breath away when they entered the first time. Cocks that pounded deep and spread me wide. I could hardly feel anything. There was no depth of penetration, no feeling of fullness or my lips spreading open and clinging to the hot shaft. I got more pleasure with my fingers than his small cock was giving me. His thrusts were tiny and all I could feel was his body hitting mine and a slight annoyance, like an itch in my pussy. I wondered if he was getting any kind of friction from it, or was I just too wide and worn in for him to have pleasure. I guess he was because he moaned and exclaimed how good it felt while fondling my breasts, which was the only pleasure I was getting from it. I figured I’d put in a few moans, urge him on and act like I was cumming when he was. Girls can fake much easier than guys. We don’t have to actually ejaculate or anything.

Problem was, he decided he wanted to try all sorts of different positions, from doggy style to me on top and then modified missionary when my legs up over my head. Nothing felt any better, especially with me on top. I kept going to high and he’d fall out and I wouldn’t be able to tell until he said something or tried to get it back in. I finally feigned being tired so he would change again even though I was far from tired. I usually love riding a large cock, bending it where I want it and driving down hard over and over. This one wasn’t worth the time.

It was hard to stay in the moment, my mind kept wandering away from sex, going as far as thinking about work tomorrow or what was on TV at home. I was bored, his penis was doing nothing for me and there is only so much breast play a girl can take before it becomes lame. Finally after doggy and me on top he bent me over on my back and stood over me, driving his tiny penis in as deep as it would go. I almost suggested he stick it in my ass so I could actually feel something but I held my tongue. He was working hard, and normally if a guy was thrusting as hard as he was with a normal dick it would have been heaven, making me cum at least two times by now but I wasn’t even close.

Sweat was dripping from his forehead and his body was shiny with a sheen of perspiration. I urged him on, going as far as telling him to fuck me harder and faster to get him to cum already. Seeing he was getting close I figured I’d get some pleasure out of it and began to play with my clitoris, hoping to have a small orgasm so this wasn’t a complete waste of time. I guess seeing me playing with myself pushed him over the limit because he said he was going to cum seconds later.

I felt his load ooze into my pussy, dripping deeper than his penis ever did. He cursed and shook, holding his small penis inside me while it convulsed. I pretended I was cumming, screaming and shaking with him until he backed away. He had a little semen dripping down his narrow shaft. The odd difference between the rest of him and that small penis was something I knew I could never get used to it.

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