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Tiny Penis Memes from Cyber Space

tiny penis memes

After some investigating, I found a few more tiny penis memes online which I have been collecting with the intention of sharing with you guys. However, with Halloween in the mix, there was little time to post them. Now that the festivities have wound down, I finally have time to post them.

tiny penis memesThe funniest of the tiny penis memes lately is this one. Have you ever been too small to ride the roller coaster?  In the case of your dick being too small, the same applies to women. The last time you were that big, you were still in the womb. sph memes

If you come across any funny tiny penis memes out there and want to share them here, leave a comment with the picture. I will post the meme if it is funny enough. Please absolutely NO personal pics and NO penis pictures.  Maybe you are truly gifted with brilliant humor and want to create your own. You can try. Sometimes men are the best critics, but ordinarily, it takes the forked tongue of a woman’s wit to really deliver the executing blow!

More funny and brutal tiny peen memes that I have collected on the internet can be found here.

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