Small Penis Humiliation

What is a Size Queen?

What exactly is a size queen? If you do not know, then a simple google search will tell you much about what a size queen is. According to Urban Dictionary, a size queen, simply put, is a person who prefers larger penises. There is some debate, some butt hurt if you will, if gay men created the term size queen. These few think the term applies to gay men only.  To me, it doesn’t matter if a male or a female coined the term. What matters is that there are other people just like me, who can consider themselves a size queen. 🙂

Being a size queen means that I am very selective about the kinds of dicks I like to fuck. Personally, I prefer a penis that is at least eight inches or longer, and thick as possible. Anything smaller than that and my interest (and attraction) goes way down. Liking big dicks is nothing to be ashamed of. Men have similar preferences when it comes to women so there you go. Large cocks are beautiful and the bigger the better.

Many of my callers wonder how big was the biggest I have ever had.  The short answer is 9.5 inches in length and 6.5 inches in girth. The rest of the details will have to be included in a later post.  Can you beat that, sissy? I bet you do not have one that big, nor have you even come close to sucking or fucking one that big! It makes me laugh when I think of you sitting there, tugging your tiny little inch worm thinking about big cocks. While extremely large penises are not the norm, neither are very tiny ones. For men with small penises, the comparison of their tiny penis with a big penis means a lot. Even though you are small by my standards, you still feel the need to show me your little cock…This only proves to me more how useless little dicks can be.

The only thing little losers like you are good for is serving a size queen like me. There is nothing more delightful to me than having my toes sucked by a submissive male with a hard little penis, or my cream pie devoured by a bitch who isn’t worthy of anything more than the remains of a blissful night of marathon sex with a real man!

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