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Is Your sph Fetish an Embarrassing Little Secret?

sph Fetish is an Embarrassing Little SecretYour sph fetish can be an embarrassing secret but luckily there are women waiting to speak with you about your fetish on niteflirt. This fetish has to be one of the most embarrassing secrets a man can have. Yet whenever a guy calls me on niteflirt to talk about small penis humiliation, he will literally brag about his small dick size! Hold on! Let’s back up. Niteflirt is for phone sex, right? Not in my world. These men never call me for sex. They call me for my brutal humiliation. When I first got into the sph fetish I knew right away that it was a powerful game. For me this is a fun hobby and when I am in the mood, I love making fun of small dicks and making you feel shameful and humiliated. It’s all in good fun guys. I’m not really out to hurt anyone. The beauty of the sph fetish is that this entire conversation will be completely consensual. You wont be imposing your sph fetish on your new victim… I mean date. Me, I will not do any damage because you are already broken!

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Submissive men who are turned on by small penis humiliation come in all flavors, so there is no stereotype when it comes to developing the fetish. Any type of man can end up with a small one. Basically this fetish is one of those cosmic things that you can not avoid if you were destined to get a tickle in your pickle every time you hear me giggle. If you’ve got a small peepee, then why not embrace it, right? Why not avoid women in the real world and turn to your favorite flirts, who will destroy your manhood.  SPH FETISH PHONE SEX

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