Femdom Size Vixen

Sketchy lil Size Vixen Misty

sketchy size vixen

How do you like this gorgeous piece of art? I almost did a double take! This girl is none other than your foxy neighborhood Size Vixen! No, I did not draw a selfie you guys! A sissy actually drew this freehand from the crappy little picture that I use on niteflirt. This picture gets rotation every once in awhile for the mischievous Size Vixen that I like to portray sometimes. An alternative from the rude L sign picture. When I feel more playful you will see this picture pop out. Well now the photograph takes on new significance with my dedicated sub’s artistic hand.  A hand that touches me intimately! There are so many different way to try and appease the Goddess, and many attempts are made. But this stands out as something personal and unique. With talent like that it’s no wonder he is so attracted to someone as talented as Size Vixen! This gesture left me flattered and relieved that there are still some horny pervs out there who find release in creativity.

Since I’ve been a little slacking in finding new sph memes to post here. I may start making my own. This same sissy shares pictures with me that would make hilarious memes. Not sure where they come from or if they are copyrighted by other humiliatrixes, but moving forward I will make more of my own Size Vixen minted captions and memes for your enjoyment. But yeah, I will probably end up making you pay to see them. HAHA.

Small Penis Humiliation with Size Vixen Misty