Vixen’s Humiliation Audios

My small penis humiliation audios will make you melt in your briefs. My audios are the spoken word of my wicked mind. Small penis humiliation audios, cuckolding audios, cream pie audios, cum eating instructions, gender transformation audios, sissy humiliation audios, cock training audios, cock and ball torture audios, orgasm denial audios and so much more. Most of these are available to buy in my Niteflirt Goodie Store. This page is currently under construction while I sort though my files 🙂

Small Penis Humiliation Audios

NEW Born To Be a Sissy Faggot
Motivational sissy faggot humiliation designed to turn you into a good little sissy faggot Buy Now

Cuntmouth Mantra
Cock Mantra for cock sucking sissy sluts. Buy Now

Jack N Snack Cei
Humiliating JOI and cum eating instructions. Buy Now

Cuckold Valentine’s Humiliation
A special night for cuckie and slut wife while she takes big cock while her humiliated husband watches. Buy Now

Glory Hole Sissy Slut
Cock sucking sissy slut training at the local glory hole. Buy Now

Jizz Breath
Humiliated for eating cum and having nasty cum breath.  Buy Now

Cum Slut Punishment Misty’s Cum Slut
Punished for being a perverted cum slut. Panty sniffing sissy loser gets humiliated and degraded, forced to sniff panties and to eat cum for me while I laugh at you and turn you into a mindless stroking cum junkie. Buy Now

Rumor About You
Is the rumor about your small penis true? In this recording, we clear up the little details about a humiliating rumor I heard about your penis! Small penis humiliation and laughing. Buy Now

Fail Proof Cum Eating Instructions
Cum eating instructions gauranteed to make you chug your cum like a good boy. Buy Now

Cum Eating Lesson
A cum eating lesson for dudes and pervs who want to taste their cum. Buy Now

Girl Talk
Gossiping to my friend after a date with a small dick loser boy. He gets humiliated! Buy Now

Ass Breath
That’s what you get when you grovel and worship my ass! Buy Now

Beatoff Boy JOI
Humiliating JOI for jerk off boys and chronic masturbation junkies. Buy Now

Pinky Puller
Small penis humiliation audio. Buy Now


Orgasm Denial Diet Small Penis Humiliation Audios

Mega small penis humiliation audio series broken up into 5 small penis humiliation recordings

Orgasm Denial Part 1: Chastised and Caged
You are a premature ejaculator with a small penis, so I am going to deny your orgasms and make you wear a custom fitted chastity device and only let you out of your cage once a month for one minute of heaven. Buy Now

Orgasm Denial Part 2: Pussy Probation
You still have a premature ejaculation problem…and your dick is still way too small *and shrinking*. So, no fucking or cumming in my pussy for you! Instead we can play with my new dildo and I can bust your pathetic little balls.  Buy Now

Orgasm Denial Part 3: Bargain for Release
The orgasm denial treatment has been working wonders. It is time to reward your efforts at satisfying my sadistic urge to destroy you. It could mean one moment of pleasure in exchange for prolonged chastity with no end in site!  Buy Now

Orgasm Denial Part 4: Cuckolded and Ruined
You have ruined your one and only chance to prove you are not a pathetic premature ejaculator! Now you end up alone and locked up while I cuckold you. My new boyfriend has a big black cock, and you are still denied by the steel cage of my torment!!! Buy Now

Orgasm Denial Part 5: No Happy Ending
There is no happy ending. You have fucked up once again and the future is looking bleak for you as I lay down the new rules of your orgasmless life. You will endure neverending orgasm denial, ball busting, and extreme humiliation forever! Buy Now

Custom Requests

I take requests for the creation of custom small penis humiliation audios. Please message me via Niteflirt if you are interested.

More Humiliation

If you like my small penis humiliation audios and can’t get enough of my humiliating laughter you can find some assignments that include audio instructions. I have to warn you, they are extremely humiliating tasks that shall degrade and demean you. No one puts the mean in demean like Misty Mean, SPH Queen!