Femdom small penis humiliation

SPH Audios

Small penis humiliation audios that will make you melt in your briefs. My audios are the spoken word of my wicked mind. Small penis humiliation, cuckolding, cream pie, cum eating, gender transformations, sissy humiliation, cock and ball torture and orgasm denial.

Small Penis Humiliation Audios

Rumor About You
Rumor About You We clear up the little details about a humiliating rumor I heard about you! Lots of Laughter.  Buy Now

Small Penis Rejection
Small Penis Rejection One of my 1st creations, this small penis humiliation audio is a classic sph rejection scenario. Buy Now

Little Dick Boyfriend
Little Dick Boyfriend This time I give it to you like you were my teeny weenie boyfriend. Ha what a real fantasy, right? Buy Now

Lunch Time Loser Line
Need to jerk off on your lunch break? This one is for you. Buy Now

Girl Talk
Dishing with my BFF on the phone. Listen to what I say when I tell her all about how I humiliated your tiny penis after our first date. Yes I even told her about how you had to clean up the mess you made! Buy Now

Pity Sex
Pity Sex A once in a lifetime chance at a pity fuck with me. Buy Now

Pinky Puller
Humiliating your pinky dick in this JOI quickie. Humiliating guided masturbation audio.Buy Now

Small Dick Sex Club
Small Dick Sex Club. Everyone knows that only losers go to the small dick sex club, and as it turns out, you are on the VIP list to get in! Buy Now

Cuckold  Audios

Valentine Cuckold SPH
Enjoy a special romantic evening with yours truly on a humiliating date with my bull. A perfect cuckold fantasy.  BuY NoW

Cream Pie
Eating cream pie is the only thing you’re good at. Buy Now

Cuckold SPH Humiliation Audio
A cuckold audio humiliating you for being a cuck Buy Now

More Humiliation Audios

Strap On Punishment
You asked for it, and now you will be punished mercilessly via my strap on via your anus. Buy Now

Date With My Strap On
My gigantic strap on, your sweet sissy fag ass, how humiliating!!! Buy Now

Chronic Wanker
Classic chronic masturbating addict humiliaton. BUY NOW

Pure Mean Ego Destroyer
One of my meanest audios ever. I am sure it is just what you are looking for. Having a bad day? I can make it worse Buy Now

Panty Theif
I catch you in the act, rifling through my dirty laundry, sniffing my panties!! Payback will be a humiliating bitch Buy Now

Humiliating JOI 
TOTALLY HUMILIATING jerk off instructions for your tiny, perverted little penis. Beat that little dick for me and blow a big, pent up load all over your own face while I laugh and degrade you. Countdown from 10, 9, 8 …! Buy Now

Ass Breath 
Your face is my butt rest. Grovel on your knees little minion. Adore my ass. Lick, sniff and worship My Ass. Buy Now

Ass Worship
Ass worship and humiliation. Lick Sniff and worship my ass! The closest to heaven you will ever be. Buy Now

Ball Busting Humiliation
An introductory audio where I make sure you know your place in my sadistic world while pounding it into your ball sac. I own you! Buy Now

Trick or Treat: Halloween Humiliation Halloween inspired mini mp3s… your choice.
Trick Buy from Size Vixen through Treat Buy from Size Vixen through

Santa Meets Size Vixen Size vixen visits Santa for her yearly evaluation. Was Misty a good Girl this year? Buy from Size Vixen through

Turkey Day with Size Vixen Roasted, Basted, and wasted! Buy from Size Vixen through

Sissy Audios

Glory Hole Sissy Slut
Forced Bi FantasyBuy Now

Slumber Party
Ever wonder what girls do at a sleepover? I will tell you all about it when you get into your nighty Buy Now

Panty Party
Panty Party Just another slumber party with me and my girls Buy Now

Slumber Party Sex Change
A recorded audio about a pervert who gets caught peeping in at a slumber party and thus suffers the consequences. Buy Now

The Stink That Turned U Pink
Another boy to girl transformation; this time a certain aroma is just the right thing to turn you from a pervy male into a lesbian female. Buy Now

Guy 2 Girl
What happens if you become more feminine the more turned on you get? Undergo an erotic transformation from guy to girl.Buy Now

The Little Wimp
The Little Wimp is an audio story, a sort of fairy tale with a twist Buy Now

CEI Audios

Cum Eating Punishment for Panty Sniffing Loser!
Cum Eating Punishment for a panty sniffer caught in the act. CEI, Small penis humiliation, Sissy humiliation, Strap on blow job panty sniffing. Buy Now

Fail Proof Cum Eating Instructions
Cei Humiliation. It’s not enough to just want to eat your own cum. You need a fail proof way to do it. Learn how to really succeed at being a complete cum eating loser! Buy Now

Cum Eating Lesson
Cum Eating Instructions: CEI for wannabe cum addicts from Mistress Misty the Size Vixen. Buy Now

Jizz Breath
Jizz Breath is the unfortunate experience you will face if you get caught sniffing my panties. But it will be SO worth it! Buy Now

Misty’s Cum Slut
Gets Humiliated and degraded, forced to eat your own cum for me while I laugh at you and turn you into a mindless stroking cum junkie. Buy Now

Orgasm Denial Diet Small Penis Humiliation Audios

Mega small penis humiliation audio series broken up into 5 small penis humiliation recordings

Orgasm Denial Part 1: Chastised and Caged
You are a premature ejaculator with a small penis, so I am going to deny your orgasms and make you wear a custom fitted chastity device and only let you out of your cage once a month for one minute of heaven. 9 mins $6.66 | BUY NOW

Orgasm Denial Part 2: Pussy Probation
You still have a premature ejaculation problem…and your dick is still way too small *and shrinking*. So, no fucking or cumming in my pussy for you! Instead we can play with my new dildo and I can bust your pathetic little balls. 8 mins. $6.66 | BUY NOW

Orgasm Denial Part 3: Bargain for Release
The orgasm denial treatment has been working wonders. It is time to reward your efforts at satisfying my sadistic urge to destroy you. It could mean one moment of pleasure in exchange for prolonged chastity with no end in site! 10 Mins $6.66 | BUY NOW

Orgasm Denial Part 4: Cuckolded and Ruined
You have ruined your one and only chance to prove you are not a pathetic premature ejaculator! Now you end up alone and locked up while I cuckold you. My new boyfriend has a big black cock, and you are still denied by the steel cage of my torment!!! 14 mins $6.66 | BUY NOW

Orgasm Denial Part 5: No Happy Ending
There is no happy ending. You have fucked up once again and the future is looking bleak for you as I lay down the new rules of your orgasmless life. You will endure neverending orgasm denial, ball busting, and extreme humiliation forever! 13 mins $6.66 | BUY NOW

Custom Requests

I take requests for the creation of custom small penis humiliation audios. Please message me via Niteflirt if you are interested.

More Humiliation

If you like my small penis humiliation audios and can’t get enough of my humiliating laughter you can find some assignments that include audio instructions. I have to warn you, they are extremely humiliating tasks that shall degrade and demean you. No one puts the mean in demean like Misty Mean, SPH Queen!