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Custom Cock Rating

New SPH Goodies are Released! Custom Cock Rating as well as a cock size ranking list from largest to smallest available on niteflirt. I’ve been meaning to do this update for a couple of days now to talk about my newest goodies on niteflirt. They both have a  common theme, and that is cock size ratings. The first one is a list that I made with various notches indicating penis size and my ranking of each notch. Simple yet extremely detailed. If you are familiar with my sarcastic and harsh yet kinda cute humiliation, then you will love this one.

If you are more interested in my voice and audio recordings then you would probably like this next one even more. Finally after over a decade as a humiliation vixen, I am officially offering you all custom cock ratings. CUSTOM COCK RATINGS!! The rating would be a 1 min audio clip based on your dick. I include details about the audio after you purchase it through niteflirt. What could be better than Size Vixen giving you a custom cock rating? Nothing!

custom cock ratingCustom Rating

cock ratingsRankings

Besides the custom cock rating, you can also try my other humiliation content: audios assignments, games and other random treats for your enjoyment!


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Is Your sph Fetish an Embarrassing Little Secret?

sph Fetish is an Embarrassing Little SecretYour sph fetish can be an embarrassing secret but luckily there are women waiting to speak with you about your fetish on niteflirt. This fetish has to be one of the most embarrassing secrets a man can have. Yet whenever a guy calls me on niteflirt to talk about small penis humiliation, he will literally brag about his small dick size! Hold on! Let’s back up. Niteflirt is for phone sex, right? Not in my world. These men never call me for sex. They call me for my brutal humiliation. When I first got into the sph fetish I knew right away that it was a powerful game. For me this is a fun hobby and when I am in the mood, I love making fun of small dicks and making you feel shameful and humiliated. It’s all in good fun guys. I’m not really out to hurt anyone. The beauty of the sph fetish is that this entire conversation will be completely consensual. You wont be imposing your sph fetish on your new victim… I mean date. Me, I will not do any damage because you are already broken!

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Submissive men who are turned on by small penis humiliation come in all flavors, so there is no stereotype when it comes to developing the fetish. Any type of man can end up with a small one. Basically this fetish is one of those cosmic things that you can not avoid if you were destined to get a tickle in your pickle every time you hear me giggle. If you’ve got a small peepee, then why not embrace it, right? Why not avoid women in the real world and turn to your favorite flirts, who will destroy your manhood.  SPH FETISH PHONE SEX

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Sissy & Feminization Fetishes

The past few days I have spoken to quite a number of men who are into sissy phone sex. Most of the men who call to speak with me prefer sph phone sex. But there seems to be something that sissies like about the special touch of my lick of fire.

The guys who call in for sissy phone sex and feminization sessions happen to be articulate, imaginative, passionate people. The best phone sex results from both parties to be in full participation, which happens all the time on these calls because of the vivid details we can go into about everything from sissy transformations to glory hole gang bangs. I know it sounds wild. These sissy fantasies make wonderful scenarios. I will satisfy all those urges you feel to unleash your feminine side, even for a few brief moments.

No one said you had to label yourself with your sexual identity here, that is not one of my rules. A fetish based on the power and allure of female energy deserves no shame. Sissy phone sex with femdom sissy trainer Misty will help you free your mind.

That being said, speaking with sissies about their fetishes, and they are varied from panties to forced bi, rewards me in ways that differ from simply humiliating a man because he has a small penis.

You see, many of the sissies do not wish to be humiliated so much as understood. What could be better than playing out a fantasy or talking about your fetish with another woman? Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy humiliating sissies when it is appropriate!!

Call Size Vixen for phone sex on Niteflirt.comIf I am away and you just can’t wait to play, try sending me a chat message.


small penis humiliation

SPH with Size Vixen


sph size vixen

Come forth, little minions
Come one and all.
Bow and see your manhood fall.

This is your foxy neighborhood Size Vixen, and welcome to my den. You may know me as the queen of small peens. You may know me as the QUEEN of SPH. If you are looking for the best small penis humiliation, you have arrived!

Besides owning men on Niteflirt, I create small penis humiliation stories, sph audios, and fun little goofy games.  My small penis humiliation shall be your salvation.

OMG it’s Size Vixen!

So you have a small penis humiliation fetish, eh? Then you are finally in the right place. Goddess Misty, aka the Size Vixen is here! You may call me Goddess, Mistress, or, if you really must, Princess. I’m sure you’ve heard about me and either you love me or you hate me. Just don’t bother me if you can’t handle the truth, because I am nothing if not a BRUTALLY honest Fem Domme dealing in sph and loser abusing. I’m a totally mean size queen! I truly love humiliation and sissification. You can tell from the tone of my sweet vixen voice that there will be no mercy!!

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small penis humiliation

SPH Story Life’s a Beach

small penis humiliation story Life's a Beach

August Heat! Summer Time SPH on the beach?  Yes! With SPH Story: Life’s a Beach!!

Can you believe it’s August already? The dog days of summer are here and my story Life’s a Beach is the perfect story game for those long hot days lounging with your feet in the sand. Although once you are finished with this fun little small penis humiliation story, you will want to bury your head in the sand. Ha Ha!!

In Life’s a Beach you are a dorky dude enjoying a day at the beach when a blond beauty lounging in her beach chair on the sand catches your eye. Wait until you see what she has in store for you. Will you score, or will you get burned? Only you will decide!

This puppy is only available on Niteflirt at this time. It is a Pay to View (PTV) Story Game with a choose your own adventure & humiliaton style format.

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If you are afraid of sharks or sand worms, check out my other choose your humiliation stories for other great beach blanket reads. Or wherever the heck you like to do your naughty reading at.