Vixen’s Minions Losers Doing Humiliating Things

Losers doing humiliating things? WARNING!!! Explicitly humiliating content contained on this page. This is my museum of mockery. You will see losers doing humiliating things in the name of the supreme goddess royal, Size Vixen.


Nov 10 2022 Ya think this guy is a little small down there ? ROFLMAO

Misty’s Cauldron of Despair

Oct 30 2022 Just a quickie update with erica, who will make her appearance fucking a pumpkin!

Oct 4 2022 Tricks and Treats Galore at this time of the month with my minions. Last night I spoke with John and we talked about his little secret. it may not be much of a secret now though.

Humiliation Assignments increase the odds of you finding yourself a victim of my loser abusing highly exposed loser page. This is where we love to see losers doing humiliating things!!  Submitting your picture to me is at your own risk! You can not hold me responsible for ruining your life, minion!

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