Tales of SPH
Small Penis Humiliation Stories

“The ultimate collection of small penis humiliation stories. Tales of SPH is a six volume masterpiece of erotic humiliation.”

Tales of SPH

The ultimate collection of humiliation erotica for the small penis humiliation fetishist. Individual stories from Tales of SPH are available only through niteflirt. 99 each.

Tales of SPH Risky Ventures

DEBRA THE GREAT A diabolical magician uses hypnotism to get men to do anything she pleases.
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SORORITY CUCKOLD In this classic sph story One student has the most embarrassing and emasculating night of his life when his girlfriend throws a sorority house party.
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NIGHT WATCHMAN A cushy job becomes a terrifying & humiliating ordeal thanks to three hot terrorists.
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POOL PARTY An intimate skinny dip turns into an unexpected get together.
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LAUNDRY LESSONS Hector gets into a predicament when he finds himself washing Natalie’s panties in the bathroom sink!
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Tales of SPH Personal Agenda

Taxi When a customer can’t afford her ride she offers another means of payment.
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Ass from the Past A chance encounter leads to potential possibilities.
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Little William Experience a session with a hapless loser through the eyes of a brutal dominatrix
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Night Nurse A routine operation turns terminal when a patient must be “groomed” by a nurse who isn’t a stranger.
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Sasha A pervert is humiliated by his cruel vixen roommate in this story.
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Tales of SPH Humble Pie

Greg’s Mistake
Greg’s sex life is the best it has ever been since he started dating Jen, but all it takes is one small humiliating mistake to show Greg what his life has turned into: a cuckold sex life. The kind of life he really deserves.
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Dr. Smalls
A pompous professor uses his tenure to have his way with his students until one of them makes him live up to his name and strikes a deal he just cannot refuse.
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THERMOSPHERE When you are a co-pilot in training and your Captain gives you an order, you do as you are told and worship the clouds she walks on.
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Sloppy 69s
Being last in line means you have to take what’s left, no matter how sloppy it is. Top ten nastiest small penis humiliation stories!
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Natalie’s Little Friend
Hector’s best friend gives him an evaluation on his size. Then she decides to test his strength with humiliating results!
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Tales of SPH Loser Lesons

Panty Sniffer
A panty sniffer gets caught sniffing his wife’s best friend’s panties. When she catches him there is hell to pay in the form of small penis humiliation.
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Tutoring Stephanie
A bet gone horribly wrong exposes this little dick man’s tiny little secret to his friends and makes his girlfriend look like an endorser for small penis. Is the reward worth the effort?
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Written Essay Becomes Oral Assignment
Greg is only known for two things. His small penis and his good grades. Meg decides to do the most humane thing possible when she gives his little cock a sloppy wet blow job in exchange for a term paper.
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Stinky Feet
Stinky, smelly, sexy teen feet get the best of this small penis sexual reject.
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Hector’s Makeover
Natalie gives Hector a complete makeover and then trains him on how to be a good little cocksucker with her shiny new strap on.
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Forced To Be A Girl
A diabolical sister forces her brother to put on a pair of her panties and then forces him to suck his best friend’s much larger penis. ONLY AVAILABLE IN FULL VERSION OF LOSER LESSONS

Tales of SPH Horrifying Tales of SPH

One of my most frightening small penis humiliation stories. Billy takes his beautiful girlfriend to a pumpkin patch to find her the biggest, scariest pumpkin in town. What he finds is something– or someone– much more sinister and satisfying for his girlfriend.
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Werewolf Cuckold
Celesta loves Mathos, but his cock is too tiny to please her. Then one night under the light of a full moon, Mathos undergoes a transformation, giving Celesta a night she will never forget. ONLY AVAILABLE IN HORRIFYING TALES

A coven of beautiful witches kidnaps loser virgin Jack. This comes as a surprise to Jack, who finally realized how he could ever be useful to not just one woman, but an entire sorority of young, heartless babes in this small penis humiliation story
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Tales of SPH Family Matters

Mother’s Curse
A curse cast by a jealous ex fiancée damned Elena’s first-born son to a tiny penis. After breaking the tiny penis curse, mother and son finally become one… Now that is cock has grown;

Enslaved By My Sister
Matt makes a mistake that he will live to regret when his sister discovers he has a small penis and blackmails him into devotion and servitude;

A distraught young woman has a heart to heart with her shy, nervous dad. A heart to heart that heats up in the blink of an eye. Lyn sensually humiliates her father while also fulfilling her own sinful desires in this daddy and daughter fantasy.

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