New Sissy Faggot Humiliation Audio!

So I made a new sissy faggot humiliation audio recently, and you are going to love it if you are into sissy humiliation. Born 2 Be a Sissy Faggot is pure sissy faggot humiliation GOLD.  A smooth vibes motivational audio for sissy faggot training. For the hard core cock whore.  It’s been awhile since I released any new sissy content. You will know as soon as you hear it that the wait was worth it. You’ll be a brainwashed bimbo sissy in no time.

Other new audio files includes a Cocksucking Mantra. This audio is a quick little cock sucking mantra to remind you of what you really are, regardless if you are a sissy or not! Download it for a quick reminder Cuntmouth!

Both of these classy new audios are available on my niteflirt page. Buy them now!

Sissy Faggot Humiliation Audio: Born 2 Be a Sissy Faggot Buy Now

cocksucking mantaCock Sucking Training Audio: Cocksucking Mantra Buy Now

Interested in a custom sissy humiliation audio or a different kind of humiliation audio? I am currently taking requests for your customs now. Send me a niteflirt message or chat to inquire.

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Sissy Shaving

Sissy shaving. A sensitive topic to light upon. The other day a sissy client of mine decided that he was finally going to shear off his chest fur– his yearly tradition when spring is blossoming. He wanted me to post these pics of him on my loser page, so you might already be familiar with this character. Sissies often like to get that smooth skin and achieve it by shaving.

Anyway it got me thinking about how sissy shaving is a thing. Yet I believe that a sissy would benefit more from a full body wax. Sure it will hurt like the dickens, but it lasts forever and feels so smooth. In reality that would be so humiliating and exposing. Having to bear all in front of the beautician. The best you can hope for is that you get a gay man, who is no stranger to a big hairy sissy ass.

It’s important to remember that this post is not in any way an informative article on hair removal. These are only my fleeting thoughts. Wicked sadistic thoughts that spring from my well of sadism.

No matter which method of hair removal you enjoy, if you are gonna opt for shaving, you will need some essential sissy shaving tools. An awesome Venus razor and a bottle of high end shaving gel should be enough to get you started.  sissy shaving tools

Other at-home hair removal options are wax kits and sugaring. You can even use an electric razor, which can help if you have LOTS of bush. There are also these horrific epilating electric razors that give me nightmares just thinking about using them.

Don’t forget to rub a nice rich lotion on your skin afterwards.



Humiliating self facials are popular amongst my minions. One of them is brilliant at the self facial and he also has the ability to give self-fellatio. I had the pleasure of speaking with this gentleman again today while also watching him on cam. He is still as limber as ever and can suck his own cock even deeper than before. While in cocksucker mode, she goes by the name of Amber, and Amber sucks greedily while I laugh and humiliate her. All of this humiliation and self-fellatio is too much for Amber to handle and soon she ends up with a cream pie in her mouth. Can you hear my evil laughter right now? The satisfaction that it brings me to see her in that delirious state only pales in comparison to how good it feels to know how to suck your own cock. For instance, most guys laugh it off as impossible. “If i could suck my own cock I would never leave the house!” They say, in a sort of wistful, wishful kind of way. That line always amuses me. Like really? You would stay home all day and suck your own cock? How freaking depraved is that?

If you could suck your own cock, would you stay home all day long goon suckng your own cock? Or would you suck it until you finished and put it away? Would you spit, or would you swallow? These are the burning questions I have for you, minion.

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Femdom Feminization

The Joys of Humiliation

Since starting up this blog again, one thing that I rarely mention is the seedy underbelly of my website. What is this seedy underbelly you ask?  My loser wall of shame.  As you can imagine, that page is similar to this one. But instead of mundane blog posts, it chronicles my interactions with various minions and humiliation junkies. By exposing only the men who ask for it, it never becomes a tool of blackmail. For one thing I really don’t want my site to become so mainstream that I get millions of hits from people searching about losers doing humiliating things. I know this place isn’t the classiest joint on the internet, but it is my little corner of the world.

With that being said it seems to be gaining popularity…. From minions seeking their 15 minutes of fame on my loser wall of shame. It can be sort of a thrill seeing your little penis on display,  proudly showing off your tiny weenie.

Even though I am talking about the wall of shame,  I still hesitate to post the link to it right on this post. It is very graphic and not suitable for all audiences. This is an adult website. At the same time, that does not give me the right to assault my curious visitor with grotesque images. Images of losers doing humiliating things. In some ways, this blog itself is just a front for the happenings that occur inside this website.

So a the rumor is true, a wall of shame exists here. However it can hardly be used as leverage for anyone looking to really be exposed! This is because I chose to take a low profile approach to my femdom. I value my privacy and free time. The only way to contact me at all is via niteflirt. A true goddess is the one who lives in your mind, constantly whispering in your ear beckoning you to follow your fantasy. Not many people are aware of the loser wall of shame and I like it that way! It’s our little secret on the world wide web.Call Size Vixen for phone sex on