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Long term chastity vs. short term chastity

Celebrating Locktober ranked high on my interest list this month. This month marks a year of chastity for my caged sissy slave. Impressed to say the least. One of the many things I have learned about Locktober¬† is that chastity is something kinky and fun and cannot be measured in the length of time one is actually trapped in their chastity cage. For some it is a huge commitment– and the seemingly endless sentence is what really turns then on emotionally. For others, even being locked in a chastity cage for 24 hours is enough to scratch the itch. To make him burst at the seams physically and emotionally. Long term chastity vs. short term chastity… Who am I to judge? I am just here for the laughs and of course, your ultimate pleasure.

Long term chastity vs. short term chastity:

Long term chastity means not playing with your cock at all and having no access to do so. This does not mean the chastity slave can’t cum, they just can’t cum in a traditional way.

Short term chastity means that you know you will get out. The chastity slave who chooses this method knows an approximate end for their misery. This method usually does not include an orgasm until release.

Long term chastity requires discipline and determination. And often includes the guidance of a partner, a spouse, or a mistress.

Short term chastity does not require much discipline and can be done alone or as part of a larger more elaborate role playing scenario.

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So Halloween is right around the corner and your foxy neighborhood Size Vixen has not forgotten. However, the garden went untended this season, so there will be no pumpkinfucker patch as you all are accustomed to each year. Worry not little minions, we the little Halloween Party where you will find some special guests, The Witches Three, and snacks like Trick or Treats and Candy Corn is still on!