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Long term chastity vs. short term chastity

Celebrating Locktober ranked high on my interest list this month. This month marks a year of chastity for my caged sissy slave. Impressed to say the least. One of the many things I have learned about Locktober  is that chastity is something kinky and fun and cannot be measured in the length of time one is actually trapped in their chastity cage. For some it is a huge commitment– and the seemingly endless sentence is what really turns then on emotionally. For others, even being locked in a chastity cage for 24 hours is enough to scratch the itch. To make him burst at the seams physically and emotionally. Long term chastity vs. short term chastity… Who am I to judge? I am just here for the laughs and of course, your ultimate pleasure.

Long term chastity vs. short term chastity:

Long term chastity means not playing with your cock at all and having no access to do so. This does not mean the chastity slave can’t cum, they just can’t cum in a traditional way.

Short term chastity means that you know you will get out. The chastity slave who chooses this method knows an approximate end for their misery. This method usually does not include an orgasm until release.

Long term chastity requires discipline and determination. And often includes the guidance of a partner, a spouse, or a mistress.

Short term chastity does not require much discipline and can be done alone or as part of a larger more elaborate role playing scenario.

If you would like to discuss your thoughts on Long term chastity vs. short term chastity, give me a call on niteflirt– or chat me as well.

So Halloween is right around the corner and your foxy neighborhood Size Vixen has not forgotten. However, the garden went untended this season, so there will be no pumpkinfucker patch as you all are accustomed to each year. Worry not little minions, we the little Halloween Party where you will find some special guests, The Witches Three, and snacks like Trick or Treats and Candy Corn is still on!

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Chastity Devices Matter

There are lots of places you can buy chastity devices. They are as common a sex toy as a dildo. Does the type of chastity cage you use for chastity play matter? YES!! My chastity slave has been locked in chastity for almost a year now. Halloween is the scheduled release date. That is impressive, don’t you think? Prior to that, all my experiences seem much shorter. Many end up complaining about their chastity cage. That “it hurts” or “it is uncomfortable”. One little guy tried and his cage ended out slipping off. Uh yeah…

Long term chastity just feels better and more fulfilling to me. A few hours and then out of the cage just seems more like a masturbation method instead of a cock control and masturbation control device.

Thus, this is the inspiration for this post. The type of chastity cage you use will make all the difference. To get the most out of your chastity experience, it is important to buy a chastity device that is both well made, and well fitting.Where do I find this kind of cage, you ask? The ultimate in chastity for the long term of course, is the custom chastity device– a type of cage that is made to fit an beta’s measurements.

Custom Chastity Devices

Custom chastity devices offer a range of customization options, such as different ring sizes, cage lengths, and locking mechanisms. The companies making custom designed cages know all the ins and outs of using a chastity device long term. Custom devices can be made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, plastic, and silicone. They may be designed to be worn for short periods of time, or for longer periods of chastity training. It’s really up to the parties involved as each situation may differ.

There are several manufacturers of custom chastity devices, including Oxy-Shop and Mature Metal. Some manufacturers may specialize in certain materials or designs AND some may even allow customers to submit their own designs or sketches for a truly unique device. Custom chastity devices can be more expensive than store bought models, due the materials and level of customization required to create a custom fit. Prices can range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars!!!

Overall, a custom chastity cage can provide a unique and personalized experience for those interested in chastity. However, it’s important to consider factors such as cost, materials, and design. It’s REALLY important to do do your homework and read reviews before making a purchase.

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Small Penises in Chastity

Back in November I posted a blog on all the small penises in chastity I owned. At the time there were quite a few men still high on Locktober who were riding the coattails of the greats. Quite a few minions were very eager to show off their skills, and most of them failed within a few weeks. Small penises in chastity do not last very long apparently. Suffice to say that all but one of them managed to outlast well into 2023. This individual chastity slave enjoys being under my lock and key and routinely begs for more time locked up. He understands that small penises in chastity deserve to be there. Caged and cramped, with nothing left to do but leak miserably into a pair of panties.

He’s been locked in chastity since around November! At the time I posted the previous blog on chastity, the longest I had recorded was 40 days! Now we are nearing the 6 month mark with no concrete end. Each time we talk to each other, we discover that not only does he enjoy the idea of keeping his tiny penis caged up forever, he loves the fact that it may be shrinking little by little. I wonder if his tiny sissy dick will end up slipping right out of the cage! As it were, I am the only one with knowledge of his combination. Not exactly like wearing the key around my neck, but thriling! I love having small penises in chastity for loooooong periods of time. It’s not like a little dick is good for anything anyways!

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Well yes I can’t believe it is another post about chastity! It seems to be a popular topic this time of year in the wake of locktober. Gotta admit it was a catchy theme. So I was thinking how fun it would be to have a new chastity sub, who is truly into the fetish and not just doing it because it is trendy. Chastity is more than just a trendy fetish. The practice existed centuries ago and is still a popular idea today. There are many reasons that a person may want to engage in chastity practices. There are more reasons that I can manage at this time of the evening. The types I am familiar with are people who like having their orgasms and erections inhibited.

The longest amount of time that a sub stayed locked in his cage for me is 40 days. His dedication inspired me to write a book about chastity and record an audio series. And who could forget my the star of another one of my books Chastity, Dark Rising? Why does this fetish excite so much? Currently I am monitoring two submissive males who are in chastity. Since we communicate online, they keep their own key and ultimately all the power, but they surrender it to me spiritually.

Here are a couple of types of cages that I think are pretty cool. Both of these are available to purchase on Amazon. Also, there are lots of other fetish and sex toy stores on the internet where you can shop for the perfect chastity cage. I will add some more sources to this list as I find good ones.

Here we have little pink ones with a labia decoration to make you look like a sissy. Not sure if they come as a two pack or what, but super cute.And then we have a basic traditional steel cage with a padlock.

There are also various kinds of locks that can be used such as a combo that acts as “key”.

I just know your little cock twitches and throbs when I talk about locking you away in chastity for six weeks. If you’re a good boy you may get out in time to have a snack with Kraumpus this holiday season!

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Prince Albert Chastity Piercing

One of my callers wants to get a Prince Albert chastity piercing. Basically it would be a cock piercing that serves as a chastity device. Gotta admit that sounds so gruesome. Not as gruesome as some of the suggested cbt I’ve seen, but brutal nevertheless. You see chastity piercings for women, with their labia sealed together either by bars or hoops. For men and their penises, chastity piercing methods are similar. These methods both inhibit the ability to have intercourse and they inhibit the ability to get an erection.

This particular genital piercing seems to be an effective chastity method. It consists of an arrangement of two separate piercings linked together by a chain or connector bar. First the frenulum is pierced. The second piercing, called a guiche piercing, goes through the perineum. Then a connector or a chain links them. Other ways of chastity piercing male genitalia do exist, but my little friend will be getting a Prince Albert chastity piercing if he does not wimp out!

It makes me chuckle to think of a small shrimp dick beta bitch getting something like a Prince Albert. Half of his dick is LITERALLY his dick head. LOL! The results of his piercing should prove interesting at the very least. After awhile we started talking about piercings and how I used to have a tongue ring. It hurt so much getting it pierced; I could never tolerate that kind of pain in my nethers! This guy said he wants to film the Prince Albert chastity piercing, but not sure that the studio would allow that. Not even sure I want to see a video of it!! Eek! Send me pics after healing thank you! Maybe pics will be forthcoming if the poor little bitch consents!

For more information of genital piercing, you can check out this brief wikipedia article on chastity piercing describing some of the methods I have mentioned in this post.

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