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Prince Albert Chastity Piercing

One of my callers wants to get a Prince Albert chastity piercing. Basically it would be a cock piercing that serves as a chastity device. Gotta admit that sounds so gruesome. Not as gruesome as some of the suggested cbt I’ve seen, but brutal nevertheless. You see chastity piercings for women, with their labia sealed together either by bars or hoops. For men and their penises, chastity piercing methods are similar. These methods both inhibit the ability to have intercourse and they inhibit the ability to get an erection.

This particular genital piercing seems to be an effective chastity method. It consists of an arrangement of two separate piercings linked together by a chain or connector bar. First the frenulum is pierced. The second piercing, called a guiche piercing, goes through the perineum. Then a connector or a chain links them. Other ways of chastity piercing male genitalia do exist, but my little friend will be getting a Prince Albert chastity piercing if he does not wimp out!

It makes me chuckle to think of a small shrimp dick beta bitch getting something like a Prince Albert. Half of his dick is LITERALLY his dick head. LOL! The results of his piercing should prove interesting at the very least. After awhile we started talking about piercings and how I used to have a tongue ring. It hurt so much getting it pierced; I could never tolerate that kind of pain in my nethers! This guy said he wants to film the Prince Albert chastity piercing, but not sure that the studio would allow that. Not even sure I want to see a video of it!! Eek! Send me pics after healing thank you! Maybe pics will be forthcoming if the poor little bitch consents!

For more information of genital piercing, you can check out this brief wikipedia article on chastity piercing describing some of the methods I have mentioned in this post.

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