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SPH Sexting

SPH sexting with me is a nice way to get in touch when you don’t have time for a call. It works out well since it is discreet and fast. I can still take chats even when my call button is turned off which is a plus for you and for me. Topics are not just limited to sph sexting. We can talk about all kinds of things when we use the chat feature on niteflirt. In fact, we can discuss anything that is on your mind, even non sexual things. Several of my chats never even become sexts. Yes, that means there is still a chance of a woman rejecting you, even if it’s only sexting! Don’t be scared though. I would never literally tell you to¬† get out of my room unless you ended up being super offensive.

I am so happy that niteflirt implemented the chat feature, which was not available in my earlier days at niteflirt. The feature was just beginning to take effect around the time period of my hiatus. To say the least, I was pleasantly surprised to see that sexting is just as popular, if not more popular, than phone sex.

Send me a chat message via niteflirt to start sph sexting now.