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sketchy size vixen

How do you like this gorgeous piece of art? I almost did a double take! This girl is none other than your foxy neighborhood Size Vixen! No, I did not draw a selfie you guys! A sissy actually drew this freehand from the crappy little picture that I use on niteflirt. This picture gets rotation every once in awhile for the mischievous Size Vixen that I like to portray sometimes. An alternative from the rude L sign picture. When I feel more playful you will see this picture pop out. Well now the photograph takes on new significance with my dedicated sub’s artistic hand.  A hand that touches me intimately! There are so many different way to try and appease the Goddess, and many attempts are made. But this stands out as something personal and unique. With talent like that it’s no wonder he is so attracted to someone as talented as Size Vixen! This gesture left me flattered and relieved that there are still some horny pervs out there who find release in creativity.

Since I’ve been a little slacking in finding new sph memes to post here. I may start making my own. This same sissy shares pictures with me that would make hilarious memes. Not sure where they come from or if they are copyrighted by other humiliatrixes, but moving forward I will make more of my own Size Vixen minted captions and memes for your enjoyment. But yeah, I will probably end up making you pay to see them. HAHA.

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Time to Don Your Penis Cozy

Happy New Year, minions! I know this update comes a little late, but try not to get your penis cozy in a twist. Its crazy how the ho ho holidays blended into the cold hard reality of the new year in the blink of a star, right?! Did you make any resolutions this year? I for one, never make resolutions. My goals are always in motion, and the start of a new year only strengthens my already established resolve.

You are used to me writing about my antics on Niteflirt, so this post may seem a bit different from the normal fare. One New Year tradition that never goes out of style is wishing everyone peace and happiness. And you my friend, deserve all the best. Here’s to 2023!

All I want to do is wish you, my minions, a prosperous and healthy new year.

So when you tuck your small member into that hand knitted penis cozy you got for Christmas, you may think you are safe from all the meanie things I say. But you can rest assured that when the time comes to completely destroy your ego, I will be there. Laying in wait like a sly little vixen.

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Ho Ho Ho Holiday Memes n SPH Xmas Fun!

Who doesn’t like a little holiday meme and sph xmas fun? Seems like a good time for a holiday meme for sure. Time flies by so fast it’s hard to believe that it’s time for another update! I have been slacking on my sph meme collecting lately so please enjoy this singular but very effective holiday meme.  I guess I blew my whole load in my last few meme dumps.

sph holiday meme

As for sph xmas fun, no slacking there. Make sure to stop by my niteflirt page to check out my new holiday goodies which include your favorites like my Snow Angel sph game and Size Vixen Meets Santa mp3, a grab bag of cum eating assignments from days of yore… Plus a new holiday humiliation greeting card pack. Volume Two features 5 more hot women captioned with humiliating holiday greetings. When you’re finished crying tears of joy from your pathetic little dick, you can buy Volume One! Like I said, all of my holiday content is available on my niteflirt page.
sph xmas funThe holiday shopping is finally finished. So who are you spoiling this year? ME! You can skip all the pleasantries and just send me a holiday tribute via niteflirt. That’s the best kind of sph Xmas fun you can have if you ask me.



Humiliating self facials are popular amongst my minions. One of them is brilliant at the self facial and he also has the ability to give self-fellatio. I had the pleasure of speaking with this gentleman again today while also watching him on cam. He is still as limber as ever and can suck his own cock even deeper than before. While in cocksucker mode, she goes by the name of Amber, and Amber sucks greedily while I laugh and humiliate her. All of this humiliation and self-fellatio is too much for Amber to handle and soon she ends up with a cream pie in her mouth. Can you hear my evil laughter right now? The satisfaction that it brings me to see her in that delirious state only pales in comparison to how good it feels to know how to suck your own cock. For instance, most guys laugh it off as impossible. “If i could suck my own cock I would never leave the house!” They say, in a sort of wistful, wishful kind of way. That line always amuses me. Like really? You would stay home all day and suck your own cock? How freaking depraved is that?

If you could suck your own cock, would you stay home all day long goon suckng your own cock? Or would you suck it until you finished and put it away? Would you spit, or would you swallow? These are the burning questions I have for you, minion.

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Well yes I can’t believe it is another post about chastity! It seems to be a popular topic this time of year in the wake of locktober. Gotta admit it was a catchy theme. So I was thinking how fun it would be to have a new chastity sub, who is truly into the fetish and not just doing it because it is trendy. Chastity is more than just a trendy fetish. The practice existed centuries ago and is still a popular idea today. There are many reasons that a person may want to engage in chastity practices. There are more reasons that I can manage at this time of the evening. The types I am familiar with are people who like having their orgasms and erections inhibited.

The longest amount of time that a sub stayed locked in his cage for me is 40 days. His dedication inspired me to write a book about chastity and record an audio series. And who could forget my the star of another one of my books Chastity, Dark Rising? Why does this fetish excite so much? Currently I am monitoring two submissive males who are in chastity. Since we communicate online, they keep their own key and ultimately all the power, but they surrender it to me spiritually.

Here are a couple of types of cages that I think are pretty cool. Both of these are available to purchase on Amazon. Also, there are lots of other fetish and sex toy stores on the internet where you can shop for the perfect chastity cage. I will add some more sources to this list as I find good ones.

Here we have little pink ones with a labia decoration to make you look like a sissy. Not sure if they come as a two pack or what, but super cute.And then we have a basic traditional steel cage with a padlock.

There are also various kinds of locks that can be used such as a combo that acts as “key”.

I just know your little cock twitches and throbs when I talk about locking you away in chastity for six weeks. If you’re a good boy you may get out in time to have a snack with Kraumpus this holiday season!