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After a long absence, I have returned to you bearing a bunch of funny small penis humiliation memes from across the world wide web. It’s been awhile since I have come across anything truly unique in my travels, but there is always an eye out for something worthy of posting on my blog. Without further ado, I present to you a brand new batch of small penis humiliation memes for the discerning mind. Ok, let’s face it a sph meme is an a sph meme: Funny!

small penis humiliation memesThis one is glorious. Not sure if it is a private photo but I found it on a public site and I would be head over heels if I could encounter the artist or owner of said establishment if it were not a total joke!  This is not only an excellent small penis humiliation meme, but it is also a classy day drinker’s meme. You can tell because it is clearly a sign at a daytime venue. Of course, no one likes a small glass of wine in the day or the night and no one likes a small peen day or night either. The only night that is good for small peens is niteflirt!! Haha!!

LOL. This one is very amateur. Yet I feel like it deserves a home in my sph meme collection. You have probably already seen this one circulating, and if you haven’t, you have now.

small penis humiliation memes small penis humiliation memes

These three peen memes are so corny but so true!

And with that, I will leave you with this final meme for now. Both a small penis humiliation meme and a mean meme, it seems like an appropriate send off from the Goddess of Mean.

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SPH Stories

Choose Your Humiliation

Have you ever read those choose your adventure books, where you get the chance to unravel the story your way? Well what do you think about choose your humiliation stories? These super exciting interactive stories are one of my best selling types of content.

Choose your own humiliation stories involve a little bit of fun and loads of sexy humiliation. In most cases, small penis humiliation. SPH choose your own adventures lead to explosive endings, one way or another.

I make two kinds of chose your humiliation stories. The first type is your classic format, with long passages of my tantalizing erotic fiction with lots of branches for hours of humiliation enjoyment.

The second type of chose your humiliation stories I make is graphic style.  These ones contain images and primarily dialogue based text.

These stories require you to have a niteflirt account to experience because that is the only way I sell them at this time. Maybe in the future I will develop a click through ebook for them, but right now this works very well for me and anyone else who is a fan!

Saturday Night and Megan’s Panties are classic format stories featuring a small dick wankers and their adventures. Heaven or Hell, on the other hand,  is a graphic story with sexy pictures to help guide you along on your journey.

Pay to View Choose your Adventure Humiliation SPH Stories you can buy on Niteflirt

Humiliation Vacation

sph game humiliation vacation You have been craving a little excitement and culture in your life. Year after lonely year you spend your vacation off from work on your annual stay-cation where you eat lots of Cheetos, play video games till 3am, watch marathons of porno and of course masturbate like a jerk off junkie nonstop. As a result, this year you need something different. You want to do something adventurous. So you walk down the block and enter the local travel agency office…

Heaven or Hell

humiliation game heaven or hellAn unfortunate accident has ended your life a bit prematurely. Then again you’re use to things ending prematurely, aren’t you, buddy? What’s even more unfortunate is the state in which they are going to find your body. Alas, such mortal worries and concerns are behind you now as you… Begin your Afterlife.

Back 2 School

sph game back to schoolYou are a college professor who spends more time jerking off thinking about your students than you do grading their papers. Then one day, one of your hottest pupils asks to see you after class. Hopefully, it’s not about her noticing how you constantly check out her ass!

Life’s A Beach

sph game life's a beachLife’s a Beach: A Summertime small penis humiliation adventure. You encounter a hot blond on the beach, strike up a conversation, and then get to choose the path to your ultimate humiliation. There is no winning here. Just losing as usual, loser boy. But you should be used to that.

Doctor Visit

sph game doctor visit Doctor Visit: Fun little game sure to measure up and give you just the right medicine. After you play the game, you can call me for a consultation and to discuss your options for recovery!! If you win, you will be rewarded but if you lose, you get nothing but the best small penis humiliation treatment.

I also feature the classic choose your humiliation stories on my sph stories page. Both types are popular with my minions. Which one will you prefer?

Buy from Size Vixen through
Snow Angel: A Holiday Choose Your Humiliation Treat  Play Now .99 to begin.

Holidays inspire me to make more of these games, so check out my valentines games and halloween games on my  blog.

Femdom Femdom Stories SPH Stories

Femdom Book Chastity Dark Rising

femdom book chastity dark rising

AWESOME Femdom book Chastity Dark Rising by Herb Highmen and Morgana Foxx is a twisted femdom story filled with high adrenaline excitement meant to pump up your little hero.

Have you ever fantasized about your favorite characters coming to life and stepping over the edge of decency? That is what you will get with this thrilling femdom book.  Unlike most of my romance and debauchery stories, this one is pure pulp fiction. Combined with elements of humiliation and graphic sex, the story will conjure up images that don’t even need pictures.

Chastity, prides herself on her vigilance. Don’t get me wrong here. Despite her name, this alluring vixen is anything but innocent. In this little novel, she faces off against the most deplorable members of society and puts them in their rightful places. She becomes a vigilante seeking justice for the numerous crimes around their dark, dank city.

This extremely adorable femdom book involves cock and ball torture, cuckolding, girls kicking fucking ass, tinges of incestuous thoughts, and of course chastity! If you are interested in reading Chastity, then you can buy this book on amazon and all other ebook retailers. For more of our awesome books, head to the small penis humiliation stories page. Loads of femdom stories await you there, including the Tales of SPH series!

SPH Memes

Small Dick Humor

I have an ever growing collection of small dick humor from across the world wide web. Here are my newest sph finds. SPH… Small penis humiliation or small penis humor??

small dick humor small dick meme

The only thing that would have made this sph meme funnier is if the truck were red! Haha!!

small dick humor meme

This one could not be more true. How unfair it must be to suffer, knowing that you are indeed not created equally to other men. The  site produces many humorous pics with captions, including a bunch of small dick humor related content.

When you are afflicted with a small dick, sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh about it. Therefore I am happy to provide the tools you need to giggle as much as the last girl who saw the tiny package you delivered.

Some of the sph memes that you see here came from submission by other minions. If you have a funny meme you want to share on the site, then please reply in a comment with the pic. However I am very choosy about the selections I pick, so don’t hold your breath waiting to see me post your submission. I placed the links to my other entries on small dick humor. at the end of this post.

Funny SPH Memes, Tiny Penis Memes from Cyber Space

Femdom Stories SPH Stories

SPH Erotica Story – Caged: Key to Her Heart

sph erotica story caged
Most of you know I love writing sph erotica. My most recent tale of sph is Caged: Key to Her Heart, a cuckold story with sph, cbt, and orgasm denial. This one is fairly longer than my other tales of sph, so it is a standalone story. I know you won’t regret buying it and savoring each line, hanging on my every word, hypnotized.

Caged is based off my 5 part humiliation audio series, Orgasm Denial Diet. Both are excellent expressions of my favorite fetishes, small penis humiliation and cuckolding. I expanded on the story and went more in-depth with the scenes. Reyna and David learn a lot about themselves and one another in my sph erotica book.

If you have ever listened to the audio series, then you will love this sph erotica story. I enjoyed writing it so much! Almost as much as I loved working on the original material, which is a collaboration with one of my minions.

Caged is an awesome story! A big tale of sph! You can purchase it on niteflirt, amazon kindle, and the iBook store. You can also buy it on smashwords, where you can find all my other books and stories.

Cuckolded, Caged, Humiliated. David’s little penis landed him in a chastity cage and drove his fiancee into the arms of another man. A very well hung man. Not only does she deny his orgasms now, but she spanks his balls while she mercilessly humiliates him and makes him do clean up duty.

Other Small Penis Humiliation Stories