Small Penis Humiliation

Valentine’s Humiliation MP3 ❤️ New Audio

New Valentine’s Humiliation MP3!!  Hey Guys! I just finished recording a new audio right in time for Valentine’s Day. Ok, so maybe it’s a little early for this romantic occasion, but I couldn’t wait to share some new content with you all. I know you have been waiting for new humiliation recordings for quite awhile now, so this is the perfect treat to satisfy that sweet tooth.

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❤️Valentine MP3❤️

Enjoy a special romantic evening with yours truly on a humiliating valentine’s date.

My Valentine’s Humiliation MP3 is  my little way to let you know exactly what I think of you, lover boy. No more sugar coating it with a pretty sexy valentine picture as in years gone by. This scathingly humiliating, yet sensually erotic audio will make you feel like the most pathetic loveless loser in the universe. Hear all about the fun I will have along with semi- detailed guided masturbation instructions for your tiny penis. If you’re a good boy, there may even be a reward in the end. But don’t expect a happy ending. Haha! Buy My Valentine’s Humiliation MP3 now, tiny tool!

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After finishing up some custom content, I have new releases planned.  In future updates you can anticipate some delicious new humiliation audios coming your way.

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Small Penis Humiliation

Sucking Your Own Cock is Possible

Can you suck your own cock? I’ve heard many men claim they can, and few who can actually prove it. Anthony never claimed he could, but when he got on cam for me he showed me that sucking his own cock was a regular thing. To be honest, I thought that could only happen in the land of porn or fantasy. Millions of guys search google to see if sucking your own cock is a possibility. Well, if you are lucky with size and flexibility, then sucking your own cock might be possible.

Not all men are endowed enough to even come close, so if you are a man with a small penis, then the chances of sucking your own cock are nil. If you are fat or have a bad back, you may not achieve it, even if your penis met the size requirements. Anthony has a large penis. He is young, strong, and fit. This makes him the perfect specimen for self fellating. His big, sexy lips wrap right around the fat head of his cock when he sucks it for me, and he can take his cock nearly balls deep.

I love humiliating him for being so hard up for head that he has to suck his own cock. With that said, he makes sucking his own cock look so easy and sexy! So impressive! After he finishes, he swallows his own thick, creamy cum. Perfect way to ice the cake on his humiliation.

The pics are much too graphic to post on my blog, but you can see the screenshots here. Not sure if he qualifies as a minion, but he certainly earned his stripes!


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Small Penis Humiliation

Season’s Greetings, Time to Spoil a Goddess!

Tis the season to spoil a Goddess

One little minion went out of his way to spoil a Goddess this Christmas! Panty Boy Loser gave me a handmade Christmas card and stuffed it full of cash! He tried to do my donut humiliation assignment and FAILED. He tried to do my fruitcake humiliation assignment and FAILED, he even tried to buy sissy panties, but he FAILED again. Then one morning I found this card in my inbox in an attempt to impress me, and make up for being a fatal failure. Then a few days later, he sent another message with a big fat $100 dollar tribute attached. This is how it should be, minions. If you sense the opportunity to spoil a goddess, SEIZE IT! Nothing can bring more cheer than to spoil a goddess during this time of year.

spoil a goddess spoil a goddess

“Have a Great Christmas and a Happy New Year (with a real man) Love, Loser”

I deciphered it since it is so crudely drawn with crayons that you may have a hard time reading it. This is one little itsy bitsy minion that is going on the naughty list this year despite his generous gift to the Goddess.

🎄Holiday Humiliation Assignments🎄

Small Penis Humiliation

Small Penis Experiences- We’ve All Had Them!

Most man and women have small penis experiences. My smallest encounter happened in college. Before that time, I was pretty inexperienced with sex and penises. Small ones anyway. I had plenty of experiences with normal and big ones.

My friend Mike, a real pervert, always knew the sizes of his friends’ penises. He loved to share the knowledge with me. He introduced me to his friend Tim, a Chinese man with a very tiny penis. When I say tiny, I mean this thing didn’t even look like a penis, even when fully hard. It was so short and so incredibly tiny. His little penis was hidden in the midst of a big black hairy bush. Yuck! Up until that day I never had to think about hooking up with a guy like that. Since then, no small penis gets by my inspections.

In my blog post What We Say, I point out that there are many gals who just wont say anything in the interest of being polite, even if they have a small penis experience or two or three. Those types of women tend to find themselves in situations with small penises on a regular basis. Since they are too afraid to say “HELL NO LOSER!” or “SORRY, SMALL PENIS!!”🤏

If you have a small penis and you like being humiliated, you are not alone. Some guys feel shame about their tiny cocks, while others embrace it and own it for all it’s worthlessness. You can thank Tim and his tiny cock for making me the size queen I am today.

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Small Penis Humiliation

Halloween Humiliation and Spooky SPH

🎃Halloween Small Penis Humiliation🎃

Halloween’s a time for chills,
a time for treats and a time for thrills.
All the little men would agree
There is no better place to be.


Halloween Humiliation is in the air!! Today is Oct. 1st… Time to take out your little weenies and dress them up for Halloween!

Halloween is hands down my favorite celebration and what better way to celebrate than with your friendly (haha) neighborhood size queen? Ring in the Ghoul Year with me and I promise you will not regret it. Show your penis for halloweenis, minions, and show me just how scary you can get with that fun size penis. Halloween is THRILLING! Especially when it comes to SPH! So, many of you already know that Halloween is my favorite time of year, and that means more humiliation tasks, humiliation mp3s and humiliation games.

🎃One of the funniest tasks I have is the fuck a pumpkin assignment, also known as Misty’s pumpkin fucker patch. I don’t even need to tell you what this one entails. Each year I roll out this small penis halloweenis pumpkin fucker patch for everyone to see. Little dick minions from across the world take a pumpkin and make it merry and bright. If you want to participate in this year’s humiliation hoedown, you better get started!!🎃

So maybe fucking a pumpkin is too intense for you. Never fear. There are many more tricks and treats to uncover here. SPH Games, assignments, stories and mp3s. Small penis humiliation and Halloween make an awesome combo.

Find Your Dream Ghoul

halloween humiliation game find your dream ghoul
Do you ever wonder if you’ll find the right partner during this festive time of year?
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