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Does Size Really Matter?

Time for a refreshing perspective after your devastatingly lonely Valentine’s Day. Does size really matter?

Do you often wonder if your member is big enough to please your girl?

If you fall short of the 4″ mark, then the answer is no. If you hooked any girl up to a lie detector test and asked her if size matters, if  she would say anything else but yes– the machine would explode. To some girls it may not be the most important thing they look for in a guy, but when it comes to being pleased sexually, it always matters.

Realize that many women are lying when they say that size doesn’t matter. It matters a whole lot when it comes down to the guy who isn’t big enough. Small dicks are a huge disappointment. Sex with a small dick is similar to having an itch someplace that you just can’t scratch. Luckily for you they make special toys like penis extenders that will allow you to get better depth. If you can’t do it yourself you might as well use one. Trust me; your woman (if you have one that is) will thank me for it. Since you know you are to small, there are some ways you can satisfy her with your tiny penis. I found great sites with interesting penis extenders, penis sheaths, dildos, plugs, etc. Any of these toys would be a great way to satisfy her with your tiny penis!

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One reply on “Does Size Really Matter?”

Great to see that the Vixen is back! Just one quibble: it might be possible for some dudes to suck their own cocks, but for the rest of us, sucking your own cock is pretty hard to do when you can’t even find it ….

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