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Social Distancing and Safe Sex

Social distancing and safe sex is a common problem nowadays. The safest sex is no sex at all, which of course you are probably used to. But every once in awhile, flesh on flesh contact is a necessity. Luckily for you, the sex industry is thriving and yes it is essential!  Times are changing though. Finding a fuck buddy is even harder than it used to be for a guy like you. Unfortunately where you could once order a paramour for the evening, now you are at a loss. How do you balance social distancing and safe sex, then? What do you do? Use phone sex!

As social distancing becomes the new norm in society, many men like you are finding themselves without an outlet. The wife is always home, and even though she doesn’t want to fuck you, there is no escape. Maybe you are not even lucky enough to have a partner so you are spending this time feeling lonely and deprived. Luck is still on your side. You have niteflirt phone sex to turn to. Phone sex is the best way to practice social distancing and safe sex. There is no risk of spreading germs or sperms.

I specialize in humiliation, domination and small penis humiliation phone sex. But I wanted to let you know that during these crazy times, Size Vixen is here for you, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call me on niteflirt! Phone Sex is Safe Sex!!

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