Small Penis Humiliation

Yes, Girls Talk About Penis Size!!

girls talk about penis size

I know every man with a dick probably wonders: “Do girls talk about penis size?”  If you guessed yes, then you’re right! Girls do talk about penis size. My girlfriends discuss penis size all the time. Brutally honest discussions that would leave you shuddering with shame should you ever find yourself a fly on the wall of a slumber party.

Anytime someone finds a new mate, or simply goes on a blind date, one of the first questions out of our mouths when we see her next usually revolves around the guy’s penis size. When girls get together, they feel empowered to talk freely about penis size without fear of hurting anyone’s little feewings. It can feel good after a bad date with a short hung man, even therapeutic to get that off our chest. Venting about the sizes of the penises that we have had the pleasure– or the misfortune of encountering makes dealing with small dicks a bit more tolerable.

So keep in mind that any time you show a girl your penis, you can be sure that all of her friends (and probably even future lovers) will have a pretty good idea of what you have in your pants.

This means that if you’re big, then you are a legend, but if you’re less than average (or small!), well, then you will forever be a joke in the eyes of the girl who rejected you.

Girls Talk About Penis Size

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