Sissy & Feminization Fetishes

The past few days I have spoken to quite a number of men who are into sissy phone sex. Most of the men who call to speak with me prefer sph phone sex. But there seems to be something that sissies like about the special touch of my lick of fire.

The guys who call in for sissy phone sex and feminization sessions happen to be articulate, imaginative, passionate people. The best phone sex results from both parties to be in full participation, which happens all the time on these calls because of the vivid details we can go into about everything from sissy transformations to glory hole gang bangs. I know it sounds wild. These sissy fantasies make wonderful scenarios. I will satisfy all those urges you feel to unleash your feminine side, even for a few brief moments.

No one said you had to label yourself with your sexual identity here, that is not one of my rules. A fetish based on the power and allure of female energy deserves no shame. Sissy phone sex with femdom sissy trainer Misty will help you free your mind.

That being said, speaking with sissies about their fetishes, and they are varied from panties to forced bi, rewards me in ways that differ from simply humiliating a man because he has a small penis.

You see, many of the sissies do not wish to be humiliated so much as understood. What could be better than playing out a fantasy or talking about your fetish with another woman? Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy humiliating sissies when it is appropriate!!

Call Size Vixen for phone sex on Niteflirt.comIf I am away and you just can’t wait to play, try sending me a chat message.