Sissy Shaving

Sissy shaving. A sensitive topic to light upon. The other day a sissy client of mine decided that he was finally going to shear off his chest fur– his yearly tradition when spring is blossoming. He wanted me to post these pics of him on my loser page, so you might already be familiar with this character. Sissies often like to get that smooth skin and achieve it by shaving.

Anyway it got me thinking about how sissy shaving is a thing. Yet I believe that a sissy would benefit more from a full body wax. Sure it will hurt like the dickens, but it lasts forever and feels so smooth. In reality that would be so humiliating and exposing. Having to bear all in front of the beautician. The best you can hope for is that you get a gay man, who is no stranger to a big hairy sissy ass.

It’s important to remember that this post is not in any way an informative article on hair removal. These are only my fleeting thoughts. Wicked sadistic thoughts that spring from my well of sadism.

No matter which method of hair removal you enjoy, if you are gonna opt for shaving, you will need some essential sissy shaving tools. An awesome Venus razor and a bottle of high end shaving gel should be enough to get you started.  sissy shaving tools

Other at-home hair removal options are wax kits and sugaring. You can even use an electric razor, which can help if you have LOTS of bush. There are also these horrific epilating electric razors that give me nightmares just thinking about using them.

Don’t forget to rub a nice rich lotion on your skin afterwards.