SPH Memes

Funny SPH Memes

Memes are so lame, but let’s face it, we all get a giggle out of them sometimes. I love finding small penis humiliation memes online. It’s even more fun when I find one in a totally unexpected place. Like social media for example. It isn’t very common to find sph memes. Most women are probably afraid of insulting someone’s manhood that way. And it’s a shame really. Our women still feel the need to walk on eggshells with men’s egos. Sph memes allow women to air their grievances, because they tend to be succinct and, and for the most part, safe for work or the playground.

Then again, what used to be not safe for work (nsfw) is not as much of an issue in this current world we are living in. The pandemic still has us in it’s clutches and therefore we may be seeing more small penis humiliation memes circulating the internet. Not only are couples spending more time together, thus making a small penis more of a big problem, but men and women simply have more time to spend sharing extremely funny and inappropriate humor, such as sph memes.

More tiny penis memes. I will post the funny small penis humiliation memes I find from time to time on my blog, so we can see just how sadistic and cynical the pandemic has made the women of our world!

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