Small Penis Humiliation SPH Memes

Ho Ho Ho Holiday Memes n SPH Xmas Fun!

Who doesn’t like a little holiday meme and sph xmas fun? Seems like a good time for a holiday meme for sure. Time flies by so fast it’s hard to believe that it’s time for another update! I have been slacking on my sph meme collecting lately so please enjoy this singular but very effective holiday meme.  I guess I blew my whole load in my last few meme dumps.

sph holiday meme

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SPH Memes

Peen Memes

After a long absence, I have returned to you bearing a bunch of funny small penis humiliation memes from across the world wide web. It’s been awhile since I have come across anything truly unique in my travels, but there is always an eye out for something worthy of posting on my blog. Without further ado, I present to you a brand new batch of small penis humiliation memes for the discerning mind. Ok, let’s face it a sph meme is an a sph meme: Funny!

small penis humiliation memesThis one is glorious. Not sure if it is a private photo but I found it on a public site and I would be head over heels if I could encounter the artist or owner of said establishment if it were not a total joke!  This is not only an excellent small penis humiliation meme, but it is also a classy day drinker’s meme. You can tell because it is clearly a sign at a daytime venue. Of course, no one likes a small glass of wine in the day or the night and no one likes a small peen day or night either. The only night that is good for small peens is niteflirt!! Haha!!

LOL. This one is very amateur. Yet I feel like it deserves a home in my sph meme collection. You have probably already seen this one circulating, and if you haven’t, you have now.

small penis humiliation memes small penis humiliation memes

These three peen memes are so corny but so true!

And with that, I will leave you with this final meme for now. Both a small penis humiliation meme and a mean meme, it seems like an appropriate send off from the Goddess of Mean.

more sph memes

SPH Memes

Small Dick Humor

I have an ever growing collection of small dick humor from across the world wide web. Here are my newest sph finds. SPH… Small penis humiliation or small penis humor??

small dick humor small dick meme

The only thing that would have made this sph meme funnier is if the truck were red! Haha!!

small dick humor meme

This one could not be more true. How unfair it must be to suffer, knowing that you are indeed not created equally to other men. The  site produces many humorous pics with captions, including a bunch of small dick humor related content.

When you are afflicted with a small dick, sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh about it. Therefore I am happy to provide the tools you need to giggle as much as the last girl who saw the tiny package you delivered.

Some of the sph memes that you see here came from submission by other minions. If you have a funny meme you want to share on the site, then please reply in a comment with the pic. However I am very choosy about the selections I pick, so don’t hold your breath waiting to see me post your submission. I placed the links to my other entries on small dick humor. at the end of this post.

Funny SPH Memes, Tiny Penis Memes from Cyber Space

SPH Memes

Tiny Penis Memes from Cyber Space

tiny penis memes

After some investigating, I found a few more tiny penis memes online which I have been collecting with the intention of sharing with you guys. However, with Halloween in the mix, there was little time to post them. Now that the festivities have wound down, I finally have time to post them.

tiny penis memesThe funniest of the tiny penis memes lately is this one. Have you ever been too small to ride the roller coaster?  In the case of your dick being too small, the same applies to women. The last time you were that big, you were still in the womb. sph memes

If you come across any funny tiny penis memes out there and want to share them here, leave a comment with the picture. I will post the meme if it is funny enough. Please absolutely NO personal pics and NO penis pictures.  Maybe you are truly gifted with brilliant humor and want to create your own. You can try. Sometimes men are the best critics, but ordinarily, it takes the forked tongue of a woman’s wit to really deliver the executing blow!

More funny and brutal tiny peen memes that I have collected on the internet can be found here.

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SPH Memes

Funny SPH Memes

Memes are so lame, but let’s face it, we all get a giggle out of them sometimes. I love finding small penis humiliation memes online. It’s even more fun when I find one in a totally unexpected place. Like social media for example. It isn’t very common to find sph memes. Most women are probably afraid of insulting someone’s manhood that way. And it’s a shame really. Our women still feel the need to walk on eggshells with men’s egos. Sph memes allow women to air their grievances, because they tend to be succinct and, and for the most part, safe for work or the playground.

Then again, what used to be not safe for work (nsfw) is not as much of an issue in this current world we are living in. The pandemic still has us in it’s clutches and therefore we may be seeing more small penis humiliation memes circulating the internet. Not only are couples spending more time together, thus making a small penis more of a big problem, but men and women simply have more time to spend sharing extremely funny and inappropriate humor, such as sph memes.

More tiny penis memes. I will post the funny small penis humiliation memes I find from time to time on my blog, so we can see just how sadistic and cynical the pandemic has made the women of our world!

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