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I have an ever growing collection of small dick humor from across the world wide web. Here are my newest sph finds. SPH… Small penis humiliation or small penis humor??

small dick humor small dick meme

The only thing that would have made this sph meme funnier is if the truck were red! Haha!!

small dick humor meme

This one could not be more true. How unfair it must be to suffer, knowing that you are indeed not created equally to other men. TheĀ  site produces many humorous pics with captions, including a bunch of small dick humor related content.

When you are afflicted with a small dick, sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh about it. Therefore I am happy to provide the tools you need to giggle as much as the last girl who saw the tiny package you delivered.

Some of the sph memes that you see here came from submission by other minions. If you have a funny meme you want to share on the site, then please reply in a comment with the pic. However I am very choosy about the selections I pick, so don’t hold your breath waiting to see me post your submission. I placed the links to my other entries on small dick humor. at the end of this post.

Funny SPH Memes, Tiny Penis Memes from Cyber Space

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