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🎃 Pumpkin Fucker II

pumpkin fuckerNope this is not a Halloween prank. This is legitimate Halloween  humiliation goodness. The other night I was watching a movie with my beloved. A typical slasher film in the vein of Pumpkinhead or Friday the 13th…. When all of a sudden, we heard the naughty children of the shire singing a song about a pumpkin fucker!! OMG! Priceless! 🎃

🎃 The movie is called PUMPKINS, by Maria Lee Metheringham. “Pumpkins” is everything that a perverted pumpkin fanatic could ever wish for! So brilliant. Besides the humiliating song and the pumpkin graffiti, there was a fair amount of thrills and chills. I was hooked from the minute I saw the title. I love pumpkins in case you did not know it!

What better way to celebrate pumpkin season than a movie centered around a deranged man who loves his pumpkin patch so much that he would give his life blood to empower the pumpkins with his evil, vengeful spirit?! 🎃🎃🎃

At once, I made my little pumpkin fucker Erica watch this movie, memorize the song, and then record himself singing it to me. He did it! You can watch his rendition of the song and then later when it gets dark, you can watch the movie !

small penis humiliation

🎃Tiny Penis Pumpkin Fucking for Halloween!🎃

tiny penis pumpkin fuckingOkay boys and girls. It’s October. You know what that means! Time to saddle up and ride that pumpkin for me! Pumpkin fucking is Halloween humiliation tradition.  Halloween Humiliation has a nice ring to it. The two words go hand in hand. Toss in a tiny penis and a pumpkin, and it sounds like the perfect jack-o-lantern.


pumpkin fucking


small penis humiliation

SPH Game : Doctor Visit

humiliation games doctor visit by size vixen

“Doctor Visit” : my hottest small penis humiliation game ever made!

SPH Game“Doctor Visit” is a choose your own adventure style rpg that I created a couple of years ago. Fun, humiliating, and interactive too. You can buy it now and play it right away, since it will be compatible with mobile devices or PC. It’s an humiliation game for on the go.

Recently, an avid fan of the game told me he wishes I had done voice overs for the game. When I first created it, doing a voice over never crossed my mind… Yet the possibility remains.

Thing is, I’m really considering updating this humiliation game, and adding voice over to it, so you can actually hear me verbally eviscerating you!! I won’t give too much away— except that there is a happy ending. If you’re lucky!!

If you buy the game and it’s later updated, fear not, minions. Since the game is hosted on my website, the new version will just appear in its place on the link.

Not sure when I will get to that little project. In other words, don’t hold your breath. Just buy the game!!

SPH Game Doctor Visit! Get your exam to see if you measure up. Doctor will give you just the right medicine!

After you play the game, you can call me on niteflirt for a consultation and to discuss your options!! This game can be played on your computer or your phone. $6.66 BUY NOW

SPH Choose your Adventures and SPH Stories

small penis humiliation

Small Penis Dating Sites: A Ray of Hope?

Small penis dating sites are a thing! Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse for a guy with a small dick, along comes some cheeky guy with a small dick who creates a dating site that revolves around hooking up a guy with a small dick with a willing lady who proclaims to love small penises. The idea is so reeeDICKulous, yet at the same time, I gotta hand it to the guy who had the tiny balls to pull it off. The news left me astonished.

Small Penis Dating Sites Offer Hope

Everyone knows that I am quick to humiliate less endowed men purely for the joy it brings me, but I can’t seem to find the heart to make fun of such a sweet endeavor. Although, I find it hard to believe that many women would actively seek a site that must be teeming with desperate, small dicked guys looking for pity sex or small penis humiliation. Small penis dating sites could be the answer to the lonely quandary.

Of course you can always cut to the chase and call for some small penis humiliation phone sex. If it’s a girl friend experience you seek, look no further. Just remember though, no pity sex for you!

Call me on Niteflirt, the only dating site you need.

small penis humiliation

Social Distancing and Safe Sex

Social distancing and safe sex is a common problem nowadays. The safest sex is no sex at all, which of course you are probably used to. But every once in awhile, flesh on flesh contact is a necessity. Luckily for you, the sex industry is thriving and yes it is essential!  Times are changing though. Finding a fuck buddy is even harder than it used to be for a guy like you. Unfortunately where you could once order a paramour for the evening, now you are at a loss. How do you balance social distancing and safe sex, then? What do you do? Use phone sex!

As social distancing becomes the new norm in society, many men like you are finding themselves without an outlet. The wife is always home, and even though she doesn’t want to fuck you, there is no escape. Maybe you are not even lucky enough to have a partner so you are spending this time feeling lonely and deprived. Luck is still on your side. You have niteflirt phone sex to turn to. Phone sex is the best way to practice social distancing and safe sex. There is no risk of spreading germs or sperms.

I specialize in humiliation, domination and small penis humiliation phone sex. But I wanted to let you know that during these crazy times, Size Vixen is here for you, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call me on niteflirt! Phone Sex is Safe Sex!!

If you simply can not escape the house arrest, you could also find relief by sending me a text through niteflirt, or check out some of my small penis humiliation stories , humiliation tasks, and humiliation audios.